Mother Nature messes with tryouts

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By Jesse Osbourne

For the first time in his coaching career at Marion County, baseball Head Coach Chad Spalding had to cancel try outs last week due to snow.

In 14 years, snow has never messed with baseball tryouts.

Due to the set backs, Spalding still had one day of tryouts earlier this week.

"Lack of gym availability makes it tough to finish up try outs. We want to give the kids a fair chance," Spalding said.

Spalding said he'd rather see the players show off their skills outdoors but the weather has been a deciding factor.

"Saturday was good. We spent almost four hours with the middle school and high school guys," Spalding said. "It was a good time. Everyone seems to be receptive to busting their tails. We won't be the most talented bunch in region this year but we'll work to get better everyday."

Spalding heaped on the praise for the middle school program, which is growing in numbers.

"I'm pleased with the turn out and pleased with the way the kids were working," he said. "Jason Simpson will have a good time with those guys. They're all 'yes sir, no sir' guys, which is exactly what I'm looking for to improve down the road."

Spalding said 25 kids came out and he is planning on keeping 19 or 20.

"I was hoping for 30 or 32 and maybe a few Saint Augustine kids or sixth graders," he said. "I wanted them to come out and see what it was like, see what they needed to do to make the team. Overall, I was pleased with middle school tryouts."

As of now, the first scheduled baseball game is set for March 22 at Washington County. Check a future edition of The Lebanon Enterprise for a preview of the varsity baseball team.