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By Josh Veatch



I know that you have gotten used to Jessica and I alternating weeks on writing columns. But this week is slightly different. Jessica has been on a trip to New Orleans, La., for most of the week and competed in the Bluegrass Games in Richmond this past weekend. Therefore, I was allowed to have the honor of writing a column this week.
This is not all bad. Due to this experience, I thought of a lot of ideas to write about. I couldn’t decide on just one, so I will attempt to let you in on how hectic and crazy my life has been over the past week or so. So many things have gone on in the sports world while I was flying solo. I tried my best to cover every event that I could, and all I can say is thank goodness for grandmothers (they tend to make excellent babysitters). I can’t leave out what an excellent regularly scheduled babysitter we have, too. I always thought I could multi-task, but this term was taken to a whole new level for me recently.
Jessica left for New Orleans on July 7, and the wheels were set in motion.  Shortly after Jessica left, the Kentucky Little League Softball State Tournament began at Walsh Park in Lagrange. First of all, I didn’t even know how to get to Lagrange and after I found that out, I realized that it was only one hour and 40 minutes away. I only got lost twice.
After traveling the 165-mile round trip to Lagrange on Saturday and Sunday, I was thoroughly exhausted. And Jessica wasn’t going to return until Tuesday.  Marion County’s teams played on Tuesday night as well, but instead of making the trek to Lagrange once again, I headed to Louisville to pick Jessica up at the airport. Oh, thank goodness my time of flying solo is over. But wait, there’s more to the story.
Usually Jessica and I sit down on Sunday night, together, and finish up loose ends on the paper for the upcoming week. This past week, it was all me. So, after being thoroughly pooped from back to back trips to Lagrange, I had to finish up the articles for the paper myself. Did I mention that during all of this running around, I had to make sure that Karli was taken care of? On Sunday night, Karli finally decided to go to bed around 11 p.m., and I still had a mountain of work to do. I think I finally got all of the stories typed up and all of the pictures picked out around 2:45 a.m., and thankfully Karli slept through the entire night.
Another thing I forgot to mention is that my parents were out of town over the weekend. This meant that someone had to feed the cattle on the farm, and that lucky person just happened to be myself. Yeah for me, something else to try to get done on top of all of my other jobs.
Just as soon as I thought my life was regaining some normalcy, the Kentucky Boys Little League State Tournament got fired up at Graham Memorial Park. I had volunteered to help out with bookkeeping at the tournament previously. I didn’t realize the level of attention and detail or the time required to complete these tasks at a correct level.
I guess the moral to my story is that sometimes we get settled into a “groove” and don’t realize how much other people help us out until they aren’t there. I had no idea that I had become so dependent on other people. After my adventure while Jessica was away, I realize that I could not be a single parent. I commend and have found a new level of respect for those of you out there that have this task in front of you.