National Ag Day is March 19

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American agriculture is responsible for providing the necessities of every day, food, fiber, and clothing. That’s the message of National Ag Day, which is celebrated March 19, 2013. Marion County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee hopes to use Ag Day as a tool to education school aged children the importance of agriculture in our communities.
The women’s committee will visit the elementary schools in the county and read the book of the year, “The Guardian Team” and other farm and ag books.
Every elementary school in Marion County and Marion County Public Library will be given a copy of the book for use in their libraries compliments of Marion County Farm Bureau. They will use this time to reflect on American agriculture that produces the safest and most abundant food source in the world.
Bringing agriculture into the school exposes the children to how much work and dedication goes into putting food on their tables or into their school lunch boxes.
This is an opportunity and experience for the Marion County Women’s Committee in hope to install values in the children of Marion County of the rich American tradition “agriculture.”