Near death experience

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By Josh Veatch

Well, the big game is over.
With all the anticipation leading up to the game, I'm almost sad to see it be over. Of course, the game I am referring to was the battle of the Bluegrass between Kentucky and Louisville. As we all know, the Wildcats pulled out the eight-point victory much to the pleasure of most likely the biggest Kentucky fan I know, Bobby Joe Farmer.
Bobby Joe is Jessica's uncle, and if anybody bleeds blue, he most definitely does. If any of you know Bobby Joe, you know how fanatic he is about the Wildcats. I believe that Bobby Joe sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night just to say his favorite three words, "Go Big Blue."
You may not realize the level of die-hard support Bobby Joe gives to the Wildcats. Let me explain. When we have a family cookout during the summer (not basketball season), he will eventually, but reluctantly, drink from a red cup.  He always says that you should have gotten blue cups, and the red cups remind of the team he despises, the Louisville Cardinals.
Another way that Bobby Joe shows his firm belief that the Kentucky Wildcats are the best team comes at Christmas time. In his house, he decorates a separate tree with only items related to the Wildcats. His family usually tries to find him a new ornament of decoration to add to his tree for a Christmas present, but the manufacturers of these decorations can't seem to keep up.  
To make this story have a bit of a comical approach, Bobby Joe's daughter graduated high school a few years back, and decided where she would attend college. Guess which school she ended up attending? The University of Kentucky, right? Wrong! She went to that other school in Kentucky, the University of Louisville. Bobby Joe is always saying something about that, but I'm sure in the end, he is glad that she got a college education. She just went to the wrong school.
The most recent thing that Bobby Joe said to me that spurred my idea to write this column happened at church a couple of Sunday's ago. After Louisville defeated Florida and Kentucky took care of Baylor in their Elite 8 games, he knew that the two teams were set to meet in the Final Four. As soon as I knew of the matchup, I couldn't wait to hear what he would have to say.
That Sunday, he asked me a question that made me laugh. He said, "If Louisville beats us, will you be a pallbearer?" After a moment, I couldn't resist asking him whose funeral I would be attending. His response was "mine." After another good laugh, I agreed that I would help him out.
Bobby Joe is absolutely crazy about the Wildcats, which is fine by me. I know a lot of people who are like him, but not many are as supportive of his team as he is. As I was watching the game Saturday evening, I couldn't help but think of Bobby Joe. When the Cardinals fought back to tie the game in the second half, I could just picture Bobby Joe and his reaction.
Thankfully, the Wildcats came out on top in the battle of the Bluegrass. I would have missed Bobby Joe and his never-ending support of the Wildcats. As I think of a way to end this column, I can think of no better words to say than, "Go Big Blue."