Nelson County woman charged with attempted murder

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By Kristie Hamon
Landmark News Service

A Cox’s Creek woman was arrested early Wednesday morning, July 17, for attempted murder.
Mary Masden, 50, allegedly stabbed Jerry Mudd in the back of his head around 3:30 a.m. leaving a 1.5-inch stab wound, officers reported. She also stabbed him in the back of his right shoulder.
Masden called 911 to report the stabbing. When officers from the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office arrived to 2549 Harrison Fork Road they found Mudd inside the home covered in blood and bleeding severely from the back of his head.
Masden told officers that she and Mudd had gotten into an argument and she stabbed him. After Mudd was taken to Flaget Memorial Hospital, Masden told officers that Mudd had tried to “come on” to her niece who was inside the home. She also said she was getting back at Mudd for what he did to her daughters 12 years ago.
Masden was under the influence of alcohol.
She was arrested at 4:19 a.m. and taken to the Nelson County Jail.
Masden has previously been charged with fourth-degree aggravated assault, driving while under the influence in 2002 and alcohol intoxication in 2004.
Mudd has previously been charged with second-degree criminal trespassing and alcohol intoxication twice on July 2 and alcohol intoxication on July 14. He also has a history of violent assault and violent crime charges as well as various violations of EPOs.
Nelson County Sheriff’s Deputy Reece Riley filed the report.