No matter the lure, you need some luck

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By Shelton Young

 What most amazes me about fishing is the absolute variety of lures we can use to catch bass. Not just the difference in colors, but in styles and types.

We have “rubber” baits such as worms, creatures, grubs and, well, just about anything a bass is likely to ever encounter. With these, most of the lures action is a result of what you put into them. You can drop, lift, wiggle and shake them to cause movement so they look like something to eat or just to kill, because it aggravates or startles them.

Then you have crank baits. These hard plastics, usually, are molded to look “natural.” They most always have a lip set at an angle to the body of the lure. This lip causes the lure to dive and wiggle. The difference in the lips size and angle allows the lure to dive to different depths and have different wiggles.

Again, this makes the lure look like a big safety pin with a spinning, flashing blade (s) attached to one arm and a weighted “body” on the other. As the bait is retrieved, the blade(s) spin. I think they are probably intended to imitate the “flash” given off by prey fish (food).

Now, while there are many variations of each lure, in each category you’ll find more colors than you can imagine. To be honest, most of the color variations seem to be designed to sell product more so than to catch bass!

It seems that in every major bass tournament I’ve ever heard of, the top fishers all used differing lure types and techniques.

Now bear in mind, they all caught fish! The difference in how they finished was often counted in ounces of fish caught. The winner is usually the guy who happened on one fish just a little heavier than the next guys.

So it seems, that as good as the pros are, the only difference in them is, dare I say it, luck!

Different styles, colors and techniques, yet luck still plays a part!


As we get well into July we have to consider what’s coming up.

In no particular order: July 19, this Saturday, the Puddle Jumpers will fish McDougal Lake in Laurel County. This will be our first time to fish the lake, so it should be a new “experience” for all.

Launch is at 6 a.m. with a noon weigh-in. If you don’t know how to get to McDougal Lake, just call me.

Then, on July 27, the Mid-KY Anglers will fish Willisburg Lake. According to the website, launch is at 6 a.m. with a weigh-in at noon.

Coming up on Aug. 2, and running 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. our time, the South Central Kentucky Outdoor Expo will be held at Adair County High School.

Cost is $5 per individual with kids 12 and under admitted free.

There will be a guest speaker in the person of Mark Menendez. If you fish you already know about him, but for those of you who don’t, he’s a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.

He is just one of many “pros” from various outdoor endeavors.

Aug. 2 is also the date for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s banquet/fundraiser held at Lebanon’s Centre Square!

But that means I’ll have to miss either the Outdoor Expo in Columbia or the Elk Banquet. What to do?

Simple solution: Do both!

Yep, go to the expo then jump in your vehicle and boogie on back here for the banquet.

So on Saturday, Aug. 2, you’ll be spending about 12 hours doing outdoor stuff. I can see no problem with that!

Back to the Elk Foundation Banquet/Fundraiser. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., so you’ll have plenty of time to, well, spend some money! You can purchase raffle tickets, play games and bid on stuff in the silent auction.

To be honest, the big deal, other than supporting the elk herd, is the chance to win some guns!

There’s also a “live” auction where you can bid on some really cool stuff.

Of course there’s the meal. It starts around 7 p.m. and you won’t go home hungry!

Almost forgot, there’ll probably be some “questionable” hunting stories going around. I won’t go so far as to say anyone will be lying, so I’ll stick to my original assumption. They’re “questionable.”


Seems I forgot to report on our Mid-KY Bass Anglers Green River Tournament on June 29. Sorry about that.

In first place, with a weight of 6-pounds, 14.24-ounces, was the team of Stacey Benningfield and Joe Hickey.

Patrick Campbell and Brett Underwood took second with a weight of 6-pounds, 8.48-ounces and big bass with one of 3-pounds 3.52 ounces. In third, with 6-pounds, 16-ounces, was the team of John Grundy and yours truly.


At our Mid-KY Springfield Reservoir Tournament the team of Pat Campbell and Brett Underwood took first with a bag of 10-pounds, 12-ounces. Second was taken by Stacey Benningfield and Joe Hickey with an 8-pound, 8.6-ounce bag.

In third, with a bag of 8-pounds, 6.5-ounces and the day’s big bass of 3-pounds, .04-ounces was the team of Chris Mattingly and Joey Brady.


Remember: Next Saturday, July 19, the Puddle Jumpers fish McDougal Lake with a 6 a.m. launch time.


That’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week.