Now It’s Official

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By Jessica Veatch


Well, it has officially begun. The regular season for both college and high school basketball is now going strong. Every team with one goal in mind, make it to March and win that final game, whether it be the state tournament title or the NCAA championship game.

  This past week, in the world of basketball I have seen some things that I am very impressed with and some things that I hope will improve. The Marion County Lady Knights basketball team had three games, two on the road and one at home. Now, I actually only witnessed one of those games, the Friday night game at the Roby Dome, but from what I heard about the other two, they were all pretty much the same. The Lady Knights dominated. In the three games, they outscored their opponents by an average of 44 points. Pretty impressive. In the game I watched and took pictures of, I was fascinated by the pressure that this team put on the opposing team. The press created so many turnovers that led to easy baskets.  Players have improved from last season. Could this be the year? Well, we will just have to be patient and enjoy the ride. Hopefully, that ride will end in Diddle Arena with a state tournament trophy.

  Now another thing that I have to be patient with is the Kentucky Wildcats.  Ranked No. 3 before the season started, I was excited that this team would be just like last year, ending with another NCAA championship. I am definitely not saying that couldn?t happen. Even the commentators during the games are talking about how teams better get the Wildcats now at this time of year before they improve. They are so young, and sometimes it is hard to remember that when you just want your favorite college basketball team to win. So I am going to try and be patient, and hope for another great ending to the basketball season.

  Another young basketball team is the Marion County Knights. After losing some valuable contributors from last year?s 20-win team, the Knights are looking to find the right rotation to get the job done.

  ?We still haven?t found who we are as a team yet,? Head Coach Montrelle Irvin said. ?We are still learning one another, and until we do we are going to take our lumps.?

  And although the team may take their lumps, they definitely have potential to have a successful season.

  So there you have it, a quick recap of some of my favorite teams to watch. I am sure as the season progresses, both high school and college; I will have many more moments that I could write about.