Nurse aides are angels among us

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By Angel Metcalf, Guest Columnist

Anyone who has ever had any type of education through school, community or media can probably say they have heard the phrase, “nurse aides are the backbone of a nursing home.”
I often think people don’t analyze or understand that phrase at all. Usually, in a nursing home facility, administration, directors of nursing, nurses and even department heads are the ones who are recognized.  Nurse aides are often over-looked and underappreciated.
I’m sure it’s not a deliberate approach on anyone’s part. Nurse aides are also very much underpaid for the job that they do. An aide’s work is never done and it’s hard work.
It is hard on one’s physical and mental status and can be trying day after day.
Even though I am not on the floor as an aide, I myself have walked in the shoes of an aide for many years. I have been an aide for 17 years and the job itself can be very rewarding... and trying at times.
I am in the position and it is my job duty to supervise the nurse aides in our facility. I would like the public to be aware of the “angels among us.”
The nurse aides work hard to make our residents comfortable and at peace. I’m sure not one of our residents would “choose” a nursing home for their home but having understanding, polite and caring nurse aides make it a little easier to sleep at night. Our nurse aides spend the majority of time with our residents and know them on a personal level.
I believe my team of nurse aides go above their call of duty. At this facility it’s not just getting a paycheck. We’re family! We laugh, we cry, we hurt and we grieve when our residents do.
 I just would like Marion County to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes of a nursing home. All employees of a long-term care facility are special people. They also have a very hard, testing yet rewarding job but the nurse aides are the ones that hold it together - the backbone.
In the future if you see a nurse aide please give them an extra pat on the back for a job well done. They indeed deserve it.
Especially intended for my team at the Village Of Lebanon!!
Editor’s note: Amanda Metcalf is the nurse aide coordinator at the Village of Lebanon.