Obsessed with the Olympics

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By Jessica Veatch

Well, some of you that know me well know what I have spent a lot of my time doing this past week and a half. Anytime that I am home, I have been glued to my television set watching the 2012 Olympic Games from London. Some people, even my very sports-minded husband, say that I am obsessed with watching them. I have been staying up until midnight every night, watching everything that NBC has to offer. Any day that I am at home, I have also been tuning in, not only to NBC, but to the other three channels that have Olympic coverage. A couple of days that I have had professional development at school, I allowed my DVR to capture some of the action that I of course watched later on.
So maybe I am obsessed with watching the Olympics. To anybody that has told me this, I just simply say that these Olympics only come along every four years and I have to get the most out of the experience. I absolutely love watching these athletes compete at such a high level, and think about what it would feel like to work so many years on a sport and either come away very happy with a medal or very disappointed.
Some of my favorite Olympic events to watch include swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, and basketball, but I have found myself enjoying many other events in the time I have spent watching. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Michael Phelps continue to do so well, with him now holding the record for the most medals ever won at the Olympics. There are also other swimmers on the U.S.A. team that are very exciting to watch, and it's just hard to believe how young some of them are. We will be seeing them in the pool for many years to come I would think.
The gymnastics this year was so fun to watch, although I felt so horrible for Jordyn Wieber of the United States who missed qualifying for the All-Around event due to the fact that each country can only have two participants. In my opinion, I think the best 24 athletes should be in the all-around final, even if that means that four or five come from one country. Well, at least she was able to bounce back and help the U.S.A. win the gymnastics team final. And Gabby Douglas... it was just amazing watching her win the all-around final, and her smile was so contagious. I couldn't help smiling for her that night, thinking how great she must have felt.
I also enjoy watching the team events of volleyball and basketball, loving the teamwork that I see throughout. Beach volleyball has always been something I have enjoyed watching, and I am hoping that Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings can bring home another gold medal. They are fierce competitors on the court, and it's unbelievable the level of play they still bring.
So there you have it, now all of you know that I am a "little" obsessed with watching the 2012 Olympic Games and the excitement that comes with them. I hope the athletes from the United States continue to do well in the remainder of the events, and I can assure you that I will be watching any minute that I can.