Old timer's play ball!

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By Josh Veatch

Friday evening, on the first night of the Bradfordsville Old Mill Days, an old timer's softball game was held at the ball field. Seventeen men and women over the age of 45 showed up to compete in this year's game. The players were split up into two teams as evenly as possible, one team named the All-Stars and the other being the Legends. The All-Stars ended up defeating the Legends by a final score of 12-11. Each player received a medal for participating in the game.


Members of the All-Stars included Kathy Isaacs, Terry Wilson, Neil Lanham, Joe Livers, Larry Burchell, Jimmy Wiser, Ernie Robinson, and Butch Wilcher. Players on the Legends were Sandy Overstreet, Chris Hamilton, Pat Abell, Raymond Sherrell, Delayne Pinkston, Tim Rakes, Joe May, Danny Taylor, and David Ford.

A home run contest followed the old timer's game, with eight participants competing for a trophy and bragging rights. In the end, Pat Abell came away with the trophy after two full rounds of swings.