Parking ticket violators better pay up

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Those that still owe for parking tickets could end up in court

By Stevie L. Daugherty

Anyone that has an unpaid parking ticket might want to consider paying up, and soon, or they will end up in court.

The City of Lebanon currently has nearly $800 of unpaid parking tickets sitting on the books and Lebanon Police Chief Shelton Young met with Marion County Attorney Joe Mattingly to discuss the issue last week.

According to Young, the city has recognized that there are an inadequate number of parking signs in certain locations, and the city plans to correct that soon. But, from this point forward, parking tickets are going to be enforced, he said.

"To me it's not the dollar amount that concerns me," Young said. "It's the mom and pop who are on a fixed income who will go through their change to get their $5 to pay the ticket. But then we have other people who simply ignore it."

Young said the city is either going to start enforcing parking tickets or stop writing them.

Young said he plans to provide the Marion County Attorney's office with enough information to pursue those people that have delinquent parking tickets in court.

Marion County Attorney Joe Mattingly said if the city asks him to, his office will issue a summons and those people that owe delinquent parking tickets will be brought before district court for violation of a city ordinance.

"We have been made aware that there are concerns about parking violations and we are working with the city to try to determine what the most appropriate solution for that would be," Mattingly said.