Political softball

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By Jessica Veatch


For the past week and a half, there has been fast pitch college softball on television, including the Super Regionals and the Women’s College World Series.  
I would have loved to attend both of these events, especially considering that the University of Kentucky women’s softball team hosted their particular Super Regional tournament at their home field in Lexington on May 28-29.
However, by the time that I looked up tickets on the Internet, the games were completely sold out, ruining my opportunity to see that caliber of softball just a little over an hour away.  
After the teams made it out of the Super Regions that they played in, the Women’s College World Series began. Of course, this event is held in Oklahoma City at ASA Hall of Fame stadium, the site of this tournament for 15 out of the past 20 years. Although I would be elated to travel and watch this tournament in person rather than on a 47-inch television screen, that didn’t happen.
I have to say I have enjoyed several games on TV, including games that have went into extra innings because of great pitching and games that have shown excellent pieces of hitting. But as you all know, watching a game on TV and witnessing it in person are just not the same.
Oh well, maybe in the future, my daughter Karli will play and love softball so much that she and I will have to make the trip out there and watch this special event.
For now, I am just content to either watch the games live or DVR them for later and get a Women’s College World Series shirt that friends of mine who attended the games brought back for me.
The closest thing I could find locally that matches the intensity of the Women’s College World Series was a softball game between Democrats and Republicans in Bradfordsville over the weekend. Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but I loved it just the same. I was able to put on my cleats for the first time this season and compete in my favorite sport. I didn’t have to watch it on TV, I was actually there in person. And no, the intensity wasn’t even close to the same as the WCWS, but it was a fun experience that helped our local Caring Place and the Marion County Lady Knights’ basketball team at the same time.
Not only was I playing in the game, I was also taking pictures. Between at bats and innings, I would grab the camera and shoot some pictures of each team. I made sure to get a picture of both State Senator Jimmy Higdon and State Representative Terry Mills, catching these two in a very different political light. For those of you that didn’t get to attend Sunday’s game, it was a fun event that brought a variety of players to the field. Although it wasn’t a softball Super Regional or the Women’s College World Series, it was softball and that’s all that matters.