Preset crypts will allow more burials

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By Stephen Lega

Anyone who has driven by the Lebanon National Cemetery recently may be wondering why crews were digging up so much dirt.

“We are turning 250 traditional casket areas into 552 grave sites,” said Patrick Lovett, the director of Kentucky National Cemetery Complex.

They are doing this by installing “preset lawn crypts.”

The work is being done in the space where no one has yet been buried. By installing the present crypts, the cemetery will be able to accommodate more veterans and their spouses. The crypts are built so they can accept at casket at the time of burial. 

This will also mean the cemetery crews won’t have to dig through as much soil to prepare a site for burial, which will be particularly beneficial in winter months when the ground may be frozen, according to Lovett.

Lovett said they put in the preset lawn crypts at the Camp Nelson cemetery about a year ago.

Since the space available at the Lebanon National Cemetery is limited, Lovett said cemetery officials are trying to get the maximum use out of the remaining space they do have.

“The longer we can use that land, the better the community is served,” Lovett said.