Progress on nuisance properties

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By Stephen Lega

When Frank Spragens met with the Lebanon Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Board in September, they made it clear they wanted to see improvements to Spragens' properties at 322 and 412 S. Proctor Knott Ave and 226 W. Chandler Street.

According to John Thompson, the Lebanon building inspector, Spragens has made steps toward compliance with the city ordinance.

Since that September meeting, Spragens has hired contractors to paint the exterior and replace windows at 412 S. Proctor Knott and 226 W. Chandler Street. Spragens has also hired a contractor to rebuild the porch at 412 S. Proctor, although there is still some yard work to do, according to Thompson. Some outbuildings have been torn down at 226 W. Chandler and the fence line has been cleaned up, Thompson added.

Spragens and a contractor looked at the house at 322 S. Proctor Knott, but it was determined that the building is not salvageable. Thompson said after some items are removed from inside the house, he expects it to be torn down.

Spragens also paid $5,550 in fines to the city, and Thompson said he will continue to send Spragens citations until the properties are fully compliant with the city's ordinance.

Thompson also noted that three properties on S. Spalding Avenue belonging to James Russell Mattingly were burned as part of the Marion County Fire School over the weekend. Thompson said Mattingly is working on tearing down a fourth property, also on S. Spalding Avenue.