PVA candidate questionnaire - Wiliam U. Scott

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By The Staff

Name: William U. Scott

Address: 260 Frogg Lane, Raywick, KY 40060

Date of birth: October 16th, 1947

Family information: wife-Kathy, son-Eric, daughter-in-law, Lori,

                grandchildren, Taylor, Abby and Ethan

Educational background:

        Graduated Lebanon High School        1965

        Graduated Eastern Kentucky Unversity, B.S. Math    1969

        150 class hours on Property Valuation    2000-2010

Work history:

Officer United States Marine Corp    1969-1972

Tour of Duty, Vietnam    1970-1971

Corn and Tobacco Farmer        1972-1989

Self-employed Timber Contractor    1990-2002

State Representative, 24th District    1994-2002

Property Valuation Admninstrator    2003-Present

Community activities (clubs, organizations, church, etc.):

Highview Methodist Church

Property Valuation Administrators Association

International Association of Assessing Officers

Marion County Farm Bureau Member

Volunteer for Relay for Life

Veterans of Foreign Wars

American Legion

Campaign website: www.scott4pva.com

Campaign email: scott2@mstwireless.net

1. Why are you running for PVA?

I have had the honor of serving as Property Valuation Administrator for seven years. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience and I would like the opportunity to continue to serve.

2. What are your qualifications to serve as PVA? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?

- Bachelors of Science Degree Mathematics - Mathematical skills are needed in the assessing of property.

- Officer United State Marine Corps - The Marine Corps taught me leadership and teamwork skills necessary to run an efficient office.

- State Representative in the 24th District - Being a State Representative gave me an insight into state government necessary in assisting people with problems associated with property taxes.

- Property Valuation Administrator - Having served seven years as P.V.A. has given me the most valuable qualification - experience.

3. If elected, what will be your priorities in office?

- Maintain current and accurate records - Current and accurate records are necessary to ensure proper assessments.

- Assisting the Public - A major priority in our office is for us to be helpful, knowledgeable and accessible to everyone.

- Fair and Equal Assessments - Fair and equal assessment is our number one priority.

4. What do you believe will be the most important issues facing the PVA's office in the next four years? What can you do as PVA to address those issues?

- State of the Economy - We need to monitor the economy and its effect on property values and assessments.

- Real Estate Trends - Real Estate trends must be watched closely to accurately and fairly administer property assessments.

- State Budget - State funds are the major funding source for the Property Valuation Administration office. As these funds decrease because of budget cuts, we must continue to operate within our available resources.

5. If elected, what changes or improvements would you make in the PVA's office? What would you keep the same?

Changes or Improvements:

- Global Information System (G.I.S.) - We are in the process of using G.I.S. Technology to improve the accuracy of our maps.

- Use of new technology - To keep informed with the changing world of technology to assist us in the performance of our duties.

- Education - Encourage my staff to attend classes of continuing education.

Keep the same:

- Courtesy and Respect - Continue to give the same courteous and respectful service to everyone.

6. What else would you like voters to know about you?

My parents, the Marine Corps and a tour of duty in Vietnam taught me many of life's lessons. Among those lessons were duty, honor and respect.

In the years that I have served as your State Representative and as your Property Valuation Administrator, I hope I have lived up to those values.