Repubican Senate Primary questionnaire: Gurley Martin

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By The Staff

Gurley L Martin

3803 Frederica Street - Owensboro, KY 42301-6986

Date of birth:  27 November 1923  -Hartford (Ohio County) KY 42347

Fore-fathers & mothers too - arrived 4 generations past from England

via port of Rotterdam to Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kentucky.

Finished grade 1 thru 12 - Hartford High School, formerly Hartford College - Hartford, KY 42347

One year (2 semesters) Basic Engineering (ASTP) - Stanford University - Palo Alto, Ca. - Non graduate.

Three years plus - Louisville College of Pharmacy - 1st & Chestnut, Louisville, KY - Non graduate.

41 years with "Union Carbide" now "DOW" Chemical at Louisville, KY

Texas City, TX - Taft, LA - Seadrift, TX.  Found what was enjoyed and

productive as "Chemical Operator".

Very little interest in clubs, organizations, church, etc. - Too busy living & learning everything that could become Gurley L.

Go Daddy (Dream Team) Web site - Google: gurleylmartin.com

                                                                   or: gurleymartin.com

email:  gurleymartin@hotmail.com

1. Why are you running for Senator?

Just because I can & Why NOT?..

2. What are your qualifications to serve as a Senator? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?

Thirty years of age. Citizen of U.S.A. from BIRTH with Certificate as proof. (definition of a birth-er).  Currently an inhabitant of the State for which chosen.

3. If elected, what will be your priorities while in office?

REBIRTH of the CONSTITUTION - as written!.. Tending to the  business of government - by getting out of the business of business & encouraging business to but-out of the business of government.  YES - IT "IS" POSSIBLE!..

4. What do you believe are the most important issues the country will be facing in the next six years? What can you do as a Senator to address those issues?

SURVIVAL - Work (after the REVOLUTION at the ballot box) with others of like mind to restore THIS once GREATEST of NATIONS to its' Origin under God & man - Not the opposite - Tyranny of government thru godless man!..

5. Health care has been a frequent topic of political discussion in recent years. Congress and the American public are divided over what should be done. What do you believe is the best approach to improve health care in the United States? Why do you favor this approach?

The care of ones' health (much like the issue of abortion) "IS" one of "Individual" responsibility. NO BUSINESS OF NATIONAL - FEDERAL GOVERNMENT - "NONE" - Make one person dependent upon another (as a right) then - division, hatred & destruction of an entire people (nation) follows. Abortion "IS" solely the business of those involved (a choice) a personal decision even though IT "IS" viewed by God thru Christ & the spirit of God as MURDER!.. Then when did we as man (woman "IS" man too!) pay too much attention to God or man!  Those at the top of the pyramid have always USED those at the bottom to neutralize or destroy the majority (those in the middle)!  Half truths (same effect as) whole lies - Health like education & the general welfare "IS" personal & never ever of benefit to the individual IF & WHEN "given" by ANY one or any government agency beyond the local & State levels!..

In addition - the Federal government "IS" prohibited (forbidden) by The Constitution & the 10 amendments (as written).  That "IS" why they are called "Sovereign" States!..  Anything else "IS" a direct route into slavery of the many by the few - that brings to mind "JIM Bunning's observation:  Things as they are unfolding looks a mighty lot like that "Creature from  Jekyll Island" - the very reason (he) decided not to seek another six year term in the senate & Gurley L Martin plus the others have decided to have a go at "IT"!.. It all worked very well until J. P. Morgan's 1928 and Franklin D. Roosevelt's (Deals) & then World War II. We have been at WAR every since!.. War "IS" always used to enlarge government!..

6. The United States military remains active in Iraq and Afghanistan. What should the military do in each of those countries? How long should the United States maintain its military presence in each country?

VERY SIMPLE - "OUR" military "IS" being used as "World" policemen by those folks who mistakenly assume that "World Government" under man "IS" a possibility... IT IS NOT!.. Bring ALL our military & their support groups home AND allow those visiting our country illegally - to go home.  Resign from the United Nations & allow the UN to leave the US of A - In fact, insist on "IT"!.. We have plenty that really "NEEDS" to be done with employment for anyone "seeking" work "IF" we could/would ONLY tend to business - "OURS"!..  Politicians & governments do NOT have the answers - THEY are the problem!..

7. What role should the federal government play in education? Should No Child Left Behind policies be revised, changed or continue as they are? Why?

NONE!.. For proof - observe the dumbed-down result of many under 40 or 50 years of age; pretty sad & they don't know any different.  Thousands of (federal) school systems - All of which are unsustainable - plus multiple thousands of school buses - ALL beyond even the ability of those with the unconstitutional power to PRINT ever more worthless script called "money" which "IS" not.  Local schools like local health, education & the general welfare "IS" best left up to those who benefit - the Individual & the State - who have been & are paying for - but not receiving anything - but more problems!.. That "IS" what government does best - CREATE - more problems, so as to falsely justify more government - ALWAYS!..

8. Job creation remains an important issue for millions of Americans. What can the government learn from its stimulus packages and its bailout of the automotive industry and financial institutions? What is the best way for the government to encourage more jobs to be created?

Government must be removed from the business of business & business removed from the business of government resulting in the total abolition of the "lobbying Industry" & government meddlin' in ANY industry - NONE!.. National government "IS" not capable of CREATING anything - except a dependence upon government - which "IS" of course national suicide. Control of the currency must be removed from the "Federal Reserve" banking system (Not responsible to ANYONE, much less ANY duly elected government of citizen/voters) and returned to the Treasury of the United States - totally!.. The "ONE WORLD" folks have since about 1902 been assuming increasing control of governments (world-wide) - not giving a hoot who "IS" elected to  what - anywhere!..

9. Coal, oil and renewable energy sources are likely to be part of U.S. energy policies in the future. What is the best way to meet our future energy needs? Should nuclear energy be included in those plans? Why or why not?

Energy - like everything else that government meddles in - "IS" a disaster!.. Energy "IS" a business & no business of national government - except as has been demonstrated since WAR II. - "control" so as to bring about total dependence upon government & the furtherance of the goals of "Jim Bunning's Creature"!.. AND THEY are NOT playing around!.. Permission and or restrictions (nuclear or otherwise) "IS" & must be the sole business of those involved - Individuals & the States - NEVER the FEDS!..What "IS" should prove that & what has been done - CAN BE UNDONE!.. It has to 2 B "IF" we are to survive as a nation of free people!..

10. What other issues do you think the country should focus on, and what can you do as a Senator to address those issues?

Issues too numerous to discuss in addition to those discussed above require correction according to OUR Constitution As Written Gurley L Martin as one Senator can do little but inform (like now). With a true REVOLUTION at the Ballot Box - Enough Gurley L's can & will change our world - for the better!..

11. What else would you like voters to know about you?

Gurley L Martin "IS" American & Nothing Else - & you can believe it!.. ONLY the "one" that has the power & the authority to CREATE can & will solve ALL our problems - yours', mine & ours'!..  WE have no choice but to wait & observe - WE ARE THE PROBLEM!..

Be It So...Gurley L Martin