Republican Senate Primary questionnaire: Jon Scribner

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By The Staff

Jon Scribner

Address: 133 Woodlee Ln. Gray, Ky.

Date of birth: 9/20/55

Family information: Married with one son,Jeffrey and 2 step-children, Greg and Susan in Indiana.

Educational background: Attended San Ramon High School in California,Northwestern Prep in Mound, Minnisota, Cal State Hayward, Seattle OIC and the Correctional Officers Training Academy in Tucson, Corectional Managers Academy and Certified Public Manager through ASU.

Work history:Various jobs including Kelloggs,Fred Meyer and Arizona Dept of Corrections where I retired after over 20yrs as an Administrator/Chief of Security.

Community activities (clubs, organizations, church, etc.): Elks, Sons of the American Legion, Tri County Country Club, Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Campaign website:HTTP://Jon Scribner@Webs.com

Campaign email: JJScriby1@Bellsouth.net

1. Why are you running for Senator?

Washington needs to be shaken up. I am mad as H..l and want to make a difference for Kentucky and the United States!

2. What are your qualifications to serve as a Senator? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?

Former Administrator controlling a budget,Security Chief keeping citizens safe and love of my country(I cry during the National Anthem) and a desire to serve.

3. If elected, what will be your priorities while in office?

The security of this country,Health Care reform,Balanced Budget and Corruption, Funding the Military fully.

4. What do you believe are the most important issues the country will be facing in the next six years? What can you do as a Senator to address those issues?

Don't you mean the next 60yrs? Our children will be paying this budget that long and longer. Security of the Nation, Health care, Education. First balance the budget by stopping pork and employ pay as you go economics. Install full body scanners at entry points and have males scan males and women scan women.

TORT reform and allowing health insurance companies to cover nationwide. Give educators a stipend for working in High Crime/ low income areas and a bonus if there students for above average on Standardized tests.

5. Health care has been a frequent topic of political discussion in recent years. Congress and the American public are divided over what should be done. What do you believe is the best approach to improve health care in the United States? Why do you favor this approach?

As in question 4; Tort reform and allowing companies to cover nationwide,which creates competition and lowers cost. Small steps toward health care reform is better than massive government intervention.

6. The United States military remains active in Iraq and Afghanistan. What should the military do in each of those countries? How long should the United States maintain its military presence in each country?

"WIN" and train their military to take over when the areas are stabilized. Remain as long as needed.

7. What role should the federal government play in education? Should No Child Left Behind policies be revised, changed or continue as they are? Why?

There needs to be updates to No Child Left Behind. There are areas that have not been effective. The testing given could not be passed  by teachers! The idea is a good one, but the implementation is flawed.

8. Job creation remains an important issue for millions of Americans. What can the government learn from its stimulus packages and its bailout of the automotive industry and financial institutions? What is the best way for the government to encourage more jobs to be created?

There was nothing in the legislation stating limits of how the money could be used! Bonuses for CEO's was not the intent. All legislation should be read before being voted on. Tax cuts for "Small" business will allow growth and job creation.

9. Coal, oil and renewable energy sources are likely to be part of U.S. energy policies in the future. What is the best way to meet our future energy needs? Should nuclear energy be included in those plans? Why or why not?

There needs to be more research on coal, allow drilling for oil and build refineries. Nuclear power has worked for many years. We need to continue its' use.

10. What other issues do you think the country should focus on, and what can you do as a Senator to address those issues?

I believe Partisan politics is hurting this country. If an idea for legislation is a feasible one then both sides should work for the people not themselves.

I would read the bill prior to voting.

11. What else would you like voters to know about you?

I am dedicated and love my country. I am not a quitter!