School board hires interim superintendent for MCPS

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The Marion County Board of Education might have thought it was experiencing deŽjaˆ vu Tuesday, June 25, when it voted 3-1 in favor of hiring Steve Burkich as the acting superintendent of Marion County Public Schools.

  In February of 2011, the board did the exact same thing.

  But, last week's decision was not unanimous. Board member DeLane Pinkston cast the lone dissenting vote.

  "I'm not in favor of this," Pinkston said. "I'm not in favor of spending $8,000 for such a short period of time."

  Pinkston said he felt like the central office staff could handle things until a superintendent is hired.

  However, the remaining board members, Michael Mullins, Ed Hacker, Bernard Miles and Mike Cecil voted in favor of hiring Burkich to serve as an interim superintendent. 

  Under Burkich's contract, he will receive $406.25 per day while he is employed by Marion County schools, and the contract specifies that he will serve for up to 90 days or until a permanent superintendent is appointed, whichever comes first.

  The contract also reads that he will receive retirement benefits in accord with the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System during the time he is employed by the district and he will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred as a result of his position.

  Burkich of Danville is a retired Boyle County superintendent. He served as the chief administrator for Boyle County schools from 2005 to 2009, when he retired. Prior to that, he was an assistant superintendent in Anderson County and a principal at Anderson County Middle School. He has more than 31 years of experience in education.


Superintendent search timeline

  The Superintendent Search Screening Committee met for the first time last week and discussed the upcoming search process. The committee consists of the following individuals:

- Ed Hacker: Board representative

- Hope Dougherty: Parent representative (West Marion Elementary School)

- Cathy Sparrow: Classified representative

- Mark Newby: minority parent representative

- Sarah Martin: Teacher representative (Glasscock Elementary School)

- Amanda Farmer: Teacher representative (St. Charles Middle School)

- Stacey Hall: Principal representative (Marion County High School)

  The timeline for the superintendent search, which the school board approved last week, intends for the committee to make recommendations to the board and have a new superintendent hired before the end of July. According to Board Attorney Joe Mattingly, who met with the committee members last week, the committee expressed concern that achieving that goal in such a short amount of time could be difficult. 

  The committee will again on July 9 for a joint meeting with the board.

In other matters, school board members:

 - Accepted the resignations of Holly Wood as a teacher at Marion County High School. and Will Smith as head football coach at St. Charles Middle School.