SCMS names court after coach

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By Josh Veatch



The St. Charles Middle School gymnasium will now and forever be known as “Ferriell Court.”

A surprise ceremony was held in honor of David Ferriell Thursday evening between the seventh and eighth grade basketball games at SCMS.

And it was a complete surprise to Ferriell, who has been a basketball coach at SCMS for 31 years.

“I really didn’t have a clue until it happened,” Coach Ferriell said. “I saw the huge crowd and I guessed they asked me to sit on the bench to keep me distracted.”

Ferriell said that you don’t see this type of thing at the middle school level.  “You have Pat Summit court, Coach K Court, and Rupp Arena, but you just don’t have this at the middle school level,” he said. “It really choked me up a whole lot.”

Ferriell recently stepped down as the head coach of the SCMS girls team, but has remained with the boys team. 

In honor of his many years as coach, the school’s site based decision-making council announced that the gym at the school will now be known as Ferriell Court.

A proclamation was read by Principal John Brady as Coach Ferriell tried to fight back tears.

“Based upon 41 years of dedicated service to the youth of Marion County, including 31 years of coaching student athletes at SCMS, the school’s SBDM Council and Board of Education hereby declare that in recognition of his unselfish and enduring service, this gym shall here forth be named and called ‘Ferriell Court.’” Brady said.

A banner was unveiled in the gym with a picture of Coach Ferriell on it and a caption that reads “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

A plaque was also presented to Coach Ferriell commemorating his years of coaching.

Coach Ferriell said that he never expected anything like this.

“This is a big honor,” he said. “I’ve always enjoyed coaching and didn’t want any reward. I wouldn’t have done it as long as I did if I expected something from it. I didn’t feel like I deserved all of that, and it was overwhelming.  You can’t get a better honor than the one I received.”