Screening committee begins selection process for next superintendent

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Committee is scheduled to recommend finalists March 16

By Stephen Lega

Marion County Superintendent Roger Marcum announced months ago that this would be his final year leading Marion County schools.

The Marion County Board of Education has advertised for his position, and the Marion County screening committee received information about the applicants for the position Thursday, Feb. 26.

The district received applications from 15 people - 12 are men, three are women.

Eleven candidates are from Kentucky, two are from neighboring states and two are from other states. Three of the candidates are sitting superintendents, and two others have district-level experience. Three do not have district-level experience. Four are affiliated with educational organizations, and three candidates experience is classified as "other".

The screening committee members are Lee Ann Divine (principal at Glasscock Elementary School), Bernard Miles (school board member), Sarah Martin (teacher), Daniel Mattingly (teacher), Pam Spalding (board secretary and classified employee representative) and Dot Caldwell (parent representative).

Last week's meeting opened with a joint session of the screening committee and the board of education. During the joint session, Sr. Kay Carlew, the board chairwoman, gave the screening committee its charge from the board.

That charge included maintaining the confidentiality of the applicants, turning over the applications to the board of education March 13, recommending five candidates (although the board made it clear that the committee could recommend four or six candidates instead).

According to the board's charges, they are seeking a candidate who is an instructional leader, holds himself or herself and others accountable for their job expectations, is assessment and data driven, is visible, is a good communicator, has good people skills, has strong leadership skills, has the ability to move the school system forward, has marketing and public relations skills, has a background in meeting the needs of all students, is innovative and creative and has the ability to relate to all groups and constituencies.

Limited information is available about the superintendent candidates at this time.

The screening committee's next meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. March 4 at Glasscock Elementary School. According to the agenda, the committee will go into closed session under a provision allowing closed sessions for discussions that might lead to the appointment of an individual employee.

Another screening committee meeting has been scheduled tentatively for March 13, when the committee members will finalize their recommendations to the board of education.

The screening committee is scheduled to formally present its recommendations to the board of education during a joint session March 16.

According to the tentative schedule, the board will schedule interviews with superintendent candidates between March 20 and April 10 with a goal of naming the next superintendent by April 15.