Sec. of State candidate: Hilda Legg

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Secretary of State Candidate questionnaire


NAME: Hilda Gay Legg


ADDRESS: 130 Kent Haven Drive, Somerset, KY  42503


Date of birth: 10-7-1952


FAMILY: one son, Dane


EDUCATION: Masters of Arts, Education, Western KY University



Consultant, Legg Strategies, Emphasis on economic development and high speed broadband for rural America.


Administrator, USDA Rural Utilities Service, Appointed by President George W. Bush to head the agency responsible for lending to rural electric cooperatives, rural telecommunication providers and rural water systems across America. Annual budget of over 6 million dollars and over 250 employees nation wide.


Executive Director, and CEO, The Center for Rural Development, Managed a state of the art facility whose mission was to stimulate job creation and economic development for over one third of Kentucky's counties.


Alternate Co-Chairman, Appalachian Regional Commission, Appointed by President George H.W. Bush to ARC, which targeted funding into the economically disadvantaged  Appalachian Region from New York to Mississippi, with a focus on infrastructure and job development.


Administrator and Instructor for Lindsey Wilson College, Directed the Admissions Program and Instructed in the Human Services Program.


Field Representative for U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, Represented the Senator in  over 25 counties in the Bowling Green Region. 


Assistant Director, U.S. Department of Education, appointed by Ronald Reagan, focused on issues affecting the education of students with disabilities.


Classroom Teacher, Adair County Schools, Social Science 7th - 12th grades.



Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees, Alice Lloyd College

Member, Hospice of Lake Cumberland

Member, Kentucky Agriculture Heritage Center

Vice Chairman, East Kentucky Leadership Foundation

Past President, Kentucky Youth Association

Member, Pulaski County Republican Women

Attend, First Baptist Church of Somerset


1. Why are you seeking this office?

Kentucky is my home, I was born and raised here and I am raising my son here in our beautiful Commonwealth. Kentucky needs strong leaders, leaders who understand the fundamental purpose of government is to protect the rights of its citizens. Not only do I believe and practice that, I have over 30 years of experience in the public and private sectors working to make certain that government is efficient and responsible to the people.  Making Kentucky a place where the integrity of our elections is the highest priority, where jobs creators are supported and where government processes are streamlined and efficient for its citizens. This is my vision for Kentucky's Secretary of State's Office.


2. What experiences and qualifications have prepared you to serve as secretary of state? 

I have been an engaged member of the Republican Party from the most basic grassroots component. I have served as a precinct officer, county chairman, State Party Secretary to working for three presidents in Washington D.C. I understand the principles of our democracy because I have experienced them at every level.  

My career has been extensively focused on job creation, and I will use that broad and diverse experience to enhance the business component of the Secretary of State's Office. I will always be mindful that the more government can assist businesses in the Commonwealth with required filings, the more time they have to do what they do best, create jobs


3. How would you improve the electoral process, if elected? What would you keep the same? 

Abraham Lincoln best described democracy as "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." However, for government to be "by the people," it must require that the people decide who shall be their leaders. Without free and fair elections, there can be no democratic society, and without that constant accountability of elected officials to the electorate, there can be no assurance of any other rights. Therefore, the right to vote is not only a vitally important individual liberty; it is also the foundation stone to our free government.

Overseeing our electoral system is the highest priority of the Secretary of State's office and it is the front lines of protecting our right to vote.  The primary goal is and should always be to ensure that only those legally entitled to vote are the ones who are actually casting the ballots. There is no single solution. This responsibility requires a committed and vigilant effort on a daily basis, to improve the voter rolls to ensure that only legal voters are allowed to cast their votes and to ensure that only citizens of the U.S are allowed to register to vote by presenting proof of citizenship. Additionally, we must enhance the training opportunities for all who are working at the polls on Election Day. I will ensure that voters have a safe and accessible voting location. Communication will be an emphasis both to the county clerk's offices and to the workers. Technology will be a priority to enhance the reporting and supervision of the voting process across the state.


4. What steps would you take to encourage voter participation?

I will use the office as a platform to teach the public about civic engagement.  I am a former Civics teacher. I want to channel my passion for good government to the future of Kentucky, our youth. My plan will create Civic forums in all 120 counties, and I will be an active and engaged partner with our schools to help teach our children the way in which they must protect their future, and the future of America by being actively engaged citizens. 


5. How can the Secretary of State's Office assist small businesses trying to get started in Kentucky? 

Often the office serves as the initial point of contact from a small business with the Commonwealth of Kentucky therefore the office must be friendly, helpful and technologically advanced to work with businesses.  The Secretary of State's office must go the extra step to assist the business and make the process smooth and seamless. Our office will reach across the government lines and work in collaboration with the office of economic development to develop processes which allow businesses to be the recipient of efficient government, and therefore, have a favorable impression about our state. We will continue to enhance the technology used by the office to make it more business friendly. I am excited about the One Stop Shop concept to assist business having been involved in other one stop shop programs. Our employees will be reminded that small and medium size businesses are the life blood of our economy and they deserve out help and assistance.



6. What other issues would you like voters to consider?

I would like voters to feel a part of the office and to offer their suggestions on how to make it more helpful, efficient and meaningful to them as business owners, voters and citizens of the commonwealth. I will be responsive to the taxpayers and will ask on every "good idea" what will it cost Kentucky' taxpayer? 


7. What else would you like voters to know about you?

 I have a solid reputation for my strong work ethic and a passion to provide strong leadership and ingenuity in any capacity that I am serving in. My integrity as a public servant is known and acknowledged by my peers, superiors and co-workers.  You will not find another candidate as excited about the actual job of being Secretary of State. I can't wait to begin the civic forums, to roll up my sleeves and begin digging in on how we can clean up our voter rolls and ensure fair elections. I am looking forward to going to work for the voters, the taxpayers and my fellow Kentuckians.