Secretary of State candidate - Alison Grimes

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Alison Lundergan Grimes


(Grimes did not fill out a questionnaire. The information below was taken from a phone interview.)


Date of birth: I won't be the youngest Secretary of State if elected, but I will be one of the youngest female Secretarys of State, if I am elected. Trey Grayson was 30. I will be 33.










On why she is seeking this office:

"I am a lifelong Democrat, and I am a native of Kentucky. I was born and raised to believe in public service." 

She said politics is in her family blood, and she has been an attorney for years. 

"Now is the time for a new generation." She said she is ready to lead the state in a new direction and ready to take the reigns and lead us forward, especially in the Democratic party.


On her preparation for the office:

Her campaign has been travelling around this state on a listening tour, and they visited more than 40 counties, 41 so far (March 31).

My training as an attorney has prepared me. You have to know the laws regarding elections, business.


Moving forward with Grimes Goals:

- A guarantee that every vote is protected. She will preserve the integrity of every vote and be sure that every vote is counted. There are more than 300,000 veterans in the state. She would like to see voting machines in veteran hospitals and veterans nursing homes.

Also, she would like to work with victims of domestic violence. She knows that they are sometimes afraid to even tell a judge where they live. She would proposed allowing them to list the Secretary of State's office as their voting address.

- Generating excitement and energy for voting, especially among our young people. Every candidate, every school is her motto. Students need to be inspired to participate. 

- The third nad fourth goals deal with growing the economy. She wants to have most business-friendly laws on our books, including looking at non-profit laws. "We can be just as competitive as Ohio, Indiana and Tennesse and bring people here to do their charitable work."


Grimes added that she visited Marion County with Joey George and the George family and met some great Democrats, including Catfish, Pigeon and Turkey during her visit here.

"It was a good day."


On how she would encourage voter participation:

"Civics education, obviously. ... As the young democrats say, we need to bring the party back to the Democratic Party." 

She added that they need to transform engagement into participation. This is a goal that she will take to heart.


On how the Secretary of State's office can help small business:

"I think Trey Grayson laid a great foundation, and we are building on that foundation ... We are bringing people here to make Kentucky their home."

Kentucky needs an ambassador for the state. It also need someone who understands the benefits of techonology, and she would move to have all business registrations online to move the state forward.


On other issues she would like voters to consider:

"This election is about the future of Kentucky ... I have a primary May 17, and I hope to hove the support of all the strong Democrats there in Marion County."

Kentucky's past sec. of state's have been attorneys for a reason. 

"Regardless of your political affiliation, I am the only practicing attorney running for Secretary of State."

"Now is the time for my generation, a generation that is excited about where we've been, to take the reigns. Together, we can build a better and brighter future for Kentucky."

"We had a great visit today in Marion county (March 31) ... I am so proud to have the support of so many people there in Marion County."

To Grimes, the election is about people like her grandmothers. 

"[Marion County Clerk] Karen [Spalding] has had four elections in the past 11 months. She needs to have a secretary of state that understands that and can be there to support her."

The United Food and Commercial Workers has endorsed her. Teamsters Local Union 651 have endorsed here.

She encouraged voters to elect her as the next secretary of state

 "Every vote is crucial. It's going to count."