Senator wants your input on General Assembly

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By Jimmy Higdon

On Jan. 4 both houses of the General Assembly convened for a 30-day legislative session, also known as the "short session." Usually, the first week is an organizational week during which the different parties elect their leadership.  This year was different. When we announced the Senate Majority legislative agenda in December, we committed to move aggressively on passing legislation regarding job creation, education, and transparent and responsive government. With the passage of most of these bills, the "Agenda for Prosperity," very few can say we didn't deliver on that promise this first week. We will return in February to consider any other legislation and bills that may pass the House.

My priorities remain creating jobs, holding the line on taxes by making government more effective, protecting your rights. 

I appreciate my constituents letting me know their priorities and concerns. That is why I am writing you today - to gain your opinion and advice on the important issues facing Kentucky. I have provided a survey covering some of the topics the General Assembly may consider during the 2011 Session. Please take the time to review it, answer the questions, and return it to: 

Senator Jimmy Higdon

Capitol Annex Building

702 Capitol Avenue  Room 003

Frankfort, KY 40601

I thank you for your time and your effort in completing this survey, and please feel free to make copies to give to your family and neighbors. If you should ever need to contact me, do not hesitate to call my office in Frankfort or call me at home at (270) 692-6945. I am honored to be your state senator, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. I will never forget that I work for you.


Jimmy Higdon, State Senator


Please let me know how important the following issues are to you:

Rate the issue on a scale of 1-10. One is not important; 10 is very important

1) Jobs/The Economy __

2) Close pension loopholes for state legislators __

3) Make Kentucky's state budget more transparent by requiring state agencies to justify all their spending each year before a legislative meeting open to the public. __

4) Protect Kentucky doctors from junk lawsuits. __

5) Amend Kentucky's Constitution to allow you to choose your health care insurance rather than being forced into a government "public option" system controlled by Washington DC. __

6) Cut waste and fraud from Kentucky's Medicaid program so the system can work more efficiently. __

7) Amend Kentucky's Constitution protecting public displays of religion, including the Ten Commandments, as part of a display of historic documents. __

8) Require a woman considering an abortion to have a "face-to-face" meeting with a doctor to discuss medical risks rather than listening to a recorded message on a telephone or watching a video. __

9) Promote "clean coal technology" to ensure an energy independent America uses Kentucky coal. __

10) Give the public at least 48-hours to read a bill that raises taxes or spends tax dollars before it can be voted on. __


During the 2011 Session the General Assembly will consider many important issues and may consider making changes to Kentucky's two-year budget. Please let me know your opinion of the following important issues:

11) With the downturn in the economy, Kentucky's state government is facing many budgetary challenges,just like your family's checkbook. How should the General Assembly address this problem?

_ Raise taxes to maintain or expand current programs.

_ Reduce spending on all programs equally.

_ Cut some programs but leave others at their current funding levels.


12) There has been a lot of discussion about expanding gambling in Kentucky. While many people are opposed to any expansion of gambling, some say the General Assembly should pass legislation allowing the KY Lottery to operate slot machines, called "VLT's", at horse tracks. Other people say that there should be a vote of the people approving a constitutional amendment before there can be any expansion of gambling.

_ I think the people should vote on a constitutional amendment before there is any expansion of gambling.

_ I think the General Assembly should pass legislation allowing VLT's at horse racing tracks without a vote of the people. 

_ I am opposed to the expansion of gambling.


13) Kentucky lost hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants for education known as "Race to the Top" because Kentucky does not allow charter schools. Charter schools are schools that receive public money (and like other schools, may also receive private donations) but are not subject to some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools in exchange for accountability to produce results, which are set forth in each school's charter.  

Do you support allowing charter schools in Kentucky?

_ Yes

_ No

_ I don't know


14) Would you support a 21st Century Bill of Rights that claimed sovereignty for the people of Kentucky under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States. Do you support changing Kentucky's Constitution to protect our rights?

_ Yes

_ No

_ I don't know


 Please tell me about some of the problems you see facing our communities or provide ideas for bills I should file during the 2011 Session and include any advice that you have for me.