Several downtown businesses affected by smoke

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Fire started above hair salon

By Stephen Lega

Normally, Wilber Davis doesn't come into his business, Davis Repair, on Sundays, but on April 10, he decided to do some work on a lawnmower. While he was working, he noticed something that smelled funny.

"It smelled like plastic burning," Davis said.

He walked around the corner, and he saw flames on the porch behind an upstairs apartment in nearby office buildings, and he called for help. Davis Repair is located at the corner of Spalding Avenue and ML King Avenue. The porch was off of an apartment above Twisted Shears.

Firefighters were on the scene shortly thereafter. While they were able to contain the flames, smoke damage affected several adjacent businesses. Every business from Jerry Fowler's law office (two doors north of Twisted Shears) to the Avritt Law Office (around the corner on Main Street) was affected by smoke.

Twisted Shears and neighboring Energy Insurance received smoke and some water damage.

Brittianey Sapp and JoAnne Railey, two of the owners of Twisted Shears, said there was some fire damage to the ceiling toward the back of the business and some damage to the back door where firefighters had to break in to put out the flames.

Sapp said they will have to clean up, and some of their equipment may need to be replaced, but she thinks the business will be OK. Twisted Shears has been open since December.

None of the businesses were open at the time of the fire, and neither of the residents of the upstairs apartment, Misty Bell and Toni Curtsinger, were at home.

Bell and Curtsinger did arrive after the fire was extinguished, and they removed Dixie, a chihuahua, and a few personal items from the apartment.

Bell said they weren't inside for long, but she didn't notice much damage beyond the smoke and some water.

"The door was busted in," she said.

Lebanon Fire Chief Ricky Mattingly said the fire was probably caused by a cigarett that had been throw into a trash can.