Sheriff candidate questionnaire: Jimmy Clements

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By The Staff

Name: Jimmy Clements

Address: 1150 Sallie Ray Pike

Raywick, Ky 40060

Date of birth: August 1st, 1963

Family information: Married 25 years to the former Julie Masterson from Loretto. We have two children James who is a student at Campbellsville University and Lauren a student at Marion County High School. My parents are Billy and Juanita Clements from Raywick.

Educational background: Graduate of Marion County High School in 1981. Attended Campbellsville University in 1995 and a graduate of the Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy at Eastern Kentucky University in 1997.

Work history: Winn Dixie Warehouse in Louisville, Ky. from 1981 thru 1985.

Marion Adjustment Center from 1986 thru 1996.

Currently employed as Chief Deputy of the Marion County Sheriff where I have held that position since 1996.

Community activities (clubs, organizations, church, etc.):

Active member of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Raywick.

Currently on the Board of Directors of the St. Joe Community Center.

Former Board of Directors member with the Lebanon/Marion County Chamber of Commerce

Supporter of Marion County Youth High School sports programs

Worked with Marion County School system promoting gun safety and substance abuse awareness programs.

Campaign website:

Check out Facebook page entitled Jimmy Clements for Marion County Sheriff 2010

Campaign email: None

1. Why are you running for sheriff?

It has been a goal of mine to run for Sheriff when I felt I had the experience and training necessary to lead the Office. I believe that time has come and I would like the put the knowledge I have gained to work by serving Marion County.

2. What are your qualifications to serve as sheriff? What knowledge and experiences have prepared you for this position?

I have 14 years experience as Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's Department with hundreds of hours of training in the field of Law Enforcement. In addition to 10 years experience in the field of Corrections.

3. If elected, what will be your priorities in office?

I would strive to provide a full service, highly trained Department that promotes community involvement countywide and is committed to providing efficient, accountable, and professional service.

4. What do you believe will be the most important issues facing the sheriff's department in the next four years? What can you do as sheriff to address those issues?

First off the changes in the Department that will come with the completion of the new Judicial Center. That would include the hiring, training and scheduling of the addition Court Security Officers that will be required to work in that facility. As Sheriff I will make sure during the hiring process that the appropriate steps are taken to find the county a quality hire for those positions.

Secondly, having staff well trained in areas that have become an issue in recent years. An example would be the rise in the Hispanic population locally and being able to communicate effectively. Training is crucial in this and many other areas. As Sheriff I will make sure staff are taking the training needed to be effective in their job.

5. If elected, what changes or improvements would you make in the sheriff's department? What would you keep the same?

I would keep the current staff the same. I do believe when it comes to the future hiring of staff the need to diversify the office and look for something more than what traditionally has been associated with in the past when searching for a Deputy.

As noted in the previous question I am big on training and making sure staff have what they need in that aspect. I feel more training is good especially in areas that may have been lacking in the past.

6. What criminal activities are you most concerned about in the county? What can be done to reduce these activities?

Illegal drug activity is always at the top of any agencies list of concerns. That many times leads to a trend in other activity such as personal property, which is most time associated with the purchasing of illegal drugs. It has been my experience that this is of great concern to most and upsets them greatly especially when they are the victim.

It is important to communicate with the general public and be visible as a Department in identifying those areas of concern in order to work out a plan of action.

7. What else would you like voters to know about you?

That I am honest and a fair man with only the best interests of Marion County in mind. I come form a good hard working family that has deep roots in this county. I look forward to the opportunity to serve Marion County and promise to make you a Sheriff you can be proud of.