Short on ideas: twitterize them

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By Stephen Lega

With too much on my mind and not enough space to write in depth about anything, I've decided to "twitterize" this column with a short comment or two on issues that have caught my eye in the past week.   Here goes (tweet, tweet):

Gov. Beshear is running the VLT flag up the pole once again. Not even all the hot air in Frankfort is likely to get it blowing much, however.

Tax reform is needed in this state, but that flag isn't getting any wind either during this legislative session.

Another special election will be held next Tuesday. Learn about the candidates and then vote Feb. 2.

Health care reform is likely to be so watered down as to be meaningless, which is exactly what some people are hoping for, I bet.

Despite that, I'm guessing we still here lots of grandstanding when that watery bill is approved.

The outpouring of support for Haiti - locally and nationally - has been inspiring.

The damage there is massive. It may take years to fix. Haitians will continue to need help long after the TV cameras leave the country.

The city and the county may be hiring a lobbyist. I'm not sure this is the best use of tax money. The final decision rests with the Lebanon City Council.

Apple is announcing its next newest product today, Jan. 27. Will it be another iPod or another Newton? (Google it if you don't remember.)

Speaking of Google, it may be collaborating with another company to make a laptop computer.

Obama's first year as President is over. All things considered, it was kind of "meh."

At the same time, reactions to that first year have been more emotional than thoughtful on both sides, in my opinion.

Brett Favre is the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns ... and interceptions. Which one do Minnesota fans care about more today?

Oh, he also said it's "highly unlikely" he'll be back next season. Forgive me for not being convinced.

Speaking of unconvincing, I'm skeptical about proposals for a second stimulus package.

St. Catherine College officials are considering offering classes in Lebanon. Let's hope they do and that other colleges follow.

You can never have too much education.

The hype for the Super Bowl has begun. Ditto for the commercials.

According to cnn.com, the rock group The Scorpions have announced they are breaking up. Raise your hand if you knew they were still around.

A lunar eclipse will happen tonight. It will be visible in North and South America.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth's shadow blocks the moon from much of the Sun's light.

The weather may affect how well we can see this phenomenon, however.

Considering the forecast for later this week, does anyone have a recommendation for snow boots?

Avatar is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing movie ever.

How many different "please send me your account information" email scams exist?

And why does it seem like I've gotten every variation of them in the past 10 days?

That's all for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to string together more thoughts on one subject again in the near future.