On the sidelines

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By Jessica Veatch

Well, the time has finally arrived. Another football season for the Marion County Knights and another year on the sidelines taking pictures for me. I absolutely love this time of year. The weather starts to cool down and the football games on Friday, sometimes Saturday nights are the best place to be. To top it off, I get to be right beside the action, walking back and forth on the Knights sideline trying to find the perfect angle to get the best picture.
Now sometimes that comes with risks. Tackles don't always happen inside the white lines. Sometimes a play may come right to the sidelines, with a player or players flying out of bounds and yes, you guessed it, right at me. So far this season, I have already had two close calls, making me a little nervous.  
In the scrimmage against Meade County, a player landed right beside my foot, with his cleat actually hitting my shoe. I couldn't go anywhere because the hedges along the field wouldn't allow me to back up anymore. In the game at Campbellsville University against Evansville Central, a couple of plays came right up the sidelines where I happened to be standing. Thankfully, I was able to back up as I kept snapping pictures. I have nine regular season football games left. So my goal this football season is to get some great shots, but not get tackled in the process. But I would never trade being down there on the field with sitting in the bleachers. I will take the risks to be that close to the action, being right alongside the players and the coaches.
Right now at this time of year, I am also covering golf, boys and girls soccer, and volleyball. So far, I have never even had a close call on the sidelines of these sports. Soccer does get close to the sidelines quite often, but I have plenty of time and room to back up if need be, usually hopping over the little half fence surrounding the field. In volleyball, I always have plenty of time and room to get away as the bleachers on the side I stand are put up, and well in golf, let's just hope I never get hit with the golf ball while in my cart or right beside the players as they tee off or putt.
But as I said before, I love being on the sidelines so close to the action in each sport that I am covering, no matter if it's fall, winter, or spring sports.  I see each and every little thing that goes on, and don't ever have to strain my neck to do so.  
So there you have it, a little bit about why I love this time of year and why I love being on the sidelines. It's a great place to be, especially if you are a big sports fan that likes to be close to the action.