Sign-ups have begun

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Producers that have wheat, corn, soybean, oats, barley or grain sorghum bases on file at the FSA office can start enrolling their base acres to participate in the Direct Counter/Cyclical Program.
Sign-up for this program has begun at Farm Service Agencies (FSA) across the state of Kentucky. Payments are made shortly after Oct.1 each year. Keep in mind that all required signatures of owners, tenants and farm operators are required before contracts can be approved. Take the time to stop by your local FSA office the next time you’re in town and do the required paperwork to receive your payment. A $100 late filing fee will be charged for farms enrolling after June 1.
While in the office, ask for assistance in filing your 2012 crop report. If you do not plant spring seeded crops, corn, soybeans, tobacco, etc. you could possibly finalize your crop report for the year. A crop report is simply identifying on a map, all cropland and its use for the current year. Once identified, FSA staff will enter the data in the computer database and print out a copy for the producer to sign. Producers that plant spring seeded crops would finalize their reports after all of their crops are planted.
For further assistance, feel free to call or visit the office at 680 Metts Drive.