State Little League semifinals are today

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By Jessica Veatch and Josh Veatch

The semifinals for the 2011 Kentucky State Little League Tournament are set to begin today.

In the 9-10-year-old division, Knox County will face Campbellsville at 2 p.m., and East Daviess County plays North Oldham at 4 p.m.

In the 10-11-year-old division, Warren County Southern and Hazard Perry County play at 6 p.m., and Marion County and Richmond American play at 8 p.m.

In the 11-12-year-old division, Paintsville and Richmond National play at 6 p.m., and North Oldham and North Laurel play at 8 p.m.

The championship games in each division are scheduled for Wednesday, July 20.

Here is a wrap of the games from pool play, July 16-18.

9-10 year olds

July 16

Knox County defeated North Oldham, 3-2.

Ashland American defeated Paintsville, 17-16.

Campbellsville defeated Richmond American, 8-5.

Adair County defeated East Daviess County, 7-6.

July 17

Knox County defeated Ashland American, 24-7.

North Oldham defeated Paintsville, 12-2.

East Daviess County defeated Richmond American, 6-0.

Campbellsville defeated Adair County, 10-3.

July 18

Knox County defeated Paintsville, 13-0.

East Daviess County defeated Campbellsville, 9-5.

North Oldham defeated Ashland, 9-0.

Richmond American defeated Adair County, 17-4.

10-11 year olds

July 16

Richmond American defeated Paintsville, 10-0.

Warren County Southern defeated North Oldham, 2-0.

Marion County defeated South Hardin, 13-0.

Hazard-Perry County defeated Russell-Flatwoods, 16-6.

July 17

Warren County Southern defeated Richmond American, 13-3.

North Oldham defeated Paintsville, 5-0.

Russell-Flatwoods defeated South Hardin, 8-4.

Marion County defeated Hazard Perry County, 10-3.

July 18

Warren County Southern defeated Paintsville, 11-1.

Hazard Perry County defeated South Hardin, 10-6.

Richmond American defeated North Oldham, 8-7.

Marion County defeated Russell-Flatwoods, 11-10.

11-12 year olds

July 16

Warren County South defeated Russell-Flatwoods, 5-3.

Paintsville defeated North Laurel, 6-5.

North Oldham defeated Richmond National, 11-0.

Washington County defeated Adair County, 3-1.

July 17

Russell-Flatwoods defeated Paintsville, 7-6.

North Laurel defeated Warren County Southern, 8-3.

North Oldham defeated Adair County, 12-0.

Richmond National defeated Washington County, 10-0

July 18

Paintsville defeated Warren County Southern, 5-3.

Richmond National defeated Adair County, 9-1.

North Laurel defeated Russell-Flatwoods, 14-9.

North Oldham defeated Washington County, 4-1.


Here are the final standings after the pool play:

9-10 year olds --

Pool A

Knox County 3-0

Ashland American 1-2

North Oldham 2-1

Paintsville 0-3

Pool B

Campbellsville 2-1

Adair County 1-2

East Daviess County 2-1

Richmond American 1-2

10-11 year olds --

Pool A

Warren County Southern 3-0

Richmond American 2-1

North Oldham 1-2

Paintsville 0-3

Pool B

Marion County 3-0

Hazard-Perry County 2-1

Russell-Flatwoods 1-2

South Hardin 0-3

11-12 year olds --

Pool A

North Laurel 2-1

Paintsville 2-1

Russell-Flatwoods 1-2

Warren County Southern 1-2

Pool B

North Oldham 3-0

Richmond National 2-1

Washington County 1-2

Adair County 0-3