State senator wants your opinion

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By Jimmy Higdon

I hope this survey finds you and your family happy and healthy!

In January, both houses of the General Assembly will meet for a 60-day legislative session.  My colleagues and I will be developing a two-year budget for state government as well as looking at other important issues, such as jobs and economic development, education, and Kentucky's roads and highway planning. 

I appreciate my constituents, people like you, letting me know their priorities and concerns.  That is why I am writing you today-to gain your opinion on the important issues facing Kentucky.  I have provided a survey covering some of the topics the General Assembly may consider during the 2012 Session.  Please take the time to review it, answer the questions, and return it to:

Senator Jimmy Higdon

Capitol Annex Building Room 003

702 Capitol Ave.

Frankfort, KY 40601

I thank you for your time and your effort in completing this survey, and please feel free to make copies to give to your family and neighbors.  If you should ever need to contact me, do not hesitate to call my office in Frankfort.  I have included listings of several toll-free numbers and the LRC website where you can obtain information about bills in the General Assembly.  I am honored to be your state senator, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Please let me know how important the following issues are to you:

(Issues should be ranked 1-10 with 1 being not important and 10 being very important).

1) Jobs / The Economy __

2) Reform Kentucky's public employee pension system (not teachers) to make FUTURE state employees retirement benefits more like private employees. __

3) Capping the level of Kentucky state government's bonded debt. __

4) Promote technology providing for cleaner burning coal in order to ensure an energy-independent America uses Kentucky coal. __

5) Several over-the-counter cold/allergy medications contain pseudoephedrine which is used for manufacturing the drug, meth. Should these medications be made prescription-only in order to help reduce the number of meth-labs in Kentucky? __

6) Amend Kentucky's Constitution to protect public displays of religion, including the Ten Commandments, as part of a display of historic documents. __

7) Require a woman considering an abortion to have a "face-to-face" meeting with a doctor to discuss medical risks rather than only listening to a recorded message on a telephone or watching a video. __

8) Link tuition increases at Kentucky's publicly funded universities to performance measures such as how many students graduate in four years or how few students drop out after their freshman year. __

9) Require state law enforcement to make an attempt to verify the citizenship or immigration status of a person where reasonable suspicion exists that the person might be in Kentucky illegally. __

10) Regulate so-called pill mills that dispense prescription drugs indiscriminately. __


During the 2012 Session the General Assembly will consider many important issues and write a two-year budget for the Commonwealth. Please let me know your opinion of the following important issues:

11) With the historic downturn in the economy, Kentucky's state government is facing many budgetary challenges just like your family's checkbook.  How should the General Assembly address this problem?

_ Raise taxes to maintain or expand current programs.

_ Reduce spending on all programs equally.

_ Cut some programs but leave others at their current funding levels.

12) Do you believe that the quality of education is improved by increased funding through higher taxes?

_ Yes

_ No

_ I don't know

13) Should Kentucky take aim at childhood obesity by placing a stronger emphasis on physical education in schools?

_ Yes

_ No

_ I don't know

14) Should Kentucky help people get "job ready" by strengthening career and technical education?

_ Yes

_ No

_ I don't know

15)  Should Kentucky allow the formation of voluntary charter schools to help "turn around" low performing schools?

_ Yes

_ No

_ I don't know

Please tell me about some of the problems you see facing our communities or provide ideas for bills I should support or oppose during the 2012 Session.