Still more on misleading ads

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By Stephen Lega

If you get mail with "Paid for by Kentucky Family Values" on it, just throw it away.

Terry Mills wants the ads to stop, too. He wrote in a statement to the Enterprise that he does not support the ads. He has contacted Kentucky Democratic Party leaders to say he does not want the negative ads. They told him they could not stop them.

"I want your readers to know that I have not used negative ads in my campaign and do not believe they should be used," Mills wrote. "I believe voters should know who the candidates are, what they believe, and how they plan to serve the people they represent."

Bill Pickerill, Mills' opponent in the state representative race and the target of the KFV ads, said previously that he feels Mills could stop the ads if he wanted. But I'm more convinced now that it's not something Mills can control.

After receiving three mailings from the KFV last week (repeating the same claims as their radio ad the previous week), I found contacts for the group in Louisville and Washington D.C. I called a Louisville number, was told that person was busy and that someone would call me back. I'm still waiting on that call.

However, I did speak with James Lamb, a Washington D.C. attorney listed as KFV counsel, according to a letter from the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

I asked Lamb why KFV was involved in a state legislative race. Lamb said KFV is an "independent organization" focused on policies that help Kentucky families, like protecting schools and creating jobs. (Does that sound like the KFV ads to you?)

I told him I thought their ads were misleading. He insisted, "The ad is accurate and well-documented." I've looked at the documentation they cite, and well, Willy Wonka doesn't have enough imagination to believe what the KFV claims.

Last, I asked him if it mattered to them that Mills does not want them to run negative ads. Lamb reiterated that KFV is an "independent organization." In other words, KFV will do whatever they want regardless of what anyone thinks.

Most voters I know are sick of negative campaigning, and super PACs like KFV are only making the problems worse. Please vote on Nov. 6, but don't let Louisville and Washington D.C. attorneys influence who you think should be our state representative.