Still time to get a turkey this season

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By Shelton Young

 Guess I can brag on my grandson a little. Troy’s son, 6-year-old Silas, took a mature bird during Sunday of the youth season.

He took his mature gobbler at 25 yards and it scored 64.5, 22 pounds, 10-inch beard, 1 1/8-inch spurs.

Course Miller, Toby’s son who’s 15, took a gobbler and a coyote while hunting Saturday.

Don’t know who was more excited, my kids or their kids!


When your kids grow up and outdo you, deep down you’re proud!

When your grandchildren outdo you, deep down you know you’re proud again. Proud and old!


Tried a new area this year. I knew better. I have permission on a very good area, but I just had to try something new! Big mistake. Oh, I heard birds gobble, and I heard’em fly down, then nothing!

No answering my calls, no more gobbles, no nothing! It’s like they no longer occupied this earth.

If that wasn’t enough on Saturday, I did it again Sunday. And, same results! They say the epitome of a fool is someone who keeps doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Well, that’s it for that area, now it’s back to an area I’m familiar with, that has birds!

Good thing the season is a long one!


Fishing reports say that the crappie are really coming on strong. About every Sunday afternoon lately I see bunches of boats coming from the lake. It’s obvious they’ve been crappie fishing cause they’re sporting spider-rigs and you see a bunch of long crappie style rods on board.

I stopped to talk to one guy from Louisville while he got gas at Wal-Mart. He had the whole deal. Said he ran right outfits on the front of his boat and four on the back.

He and his partner troll around and when they intercept a school of crappie the action is on. They often have six or eight outfits hooked up at the same time. Makes for some intense times.

Guy said they trolled the main lake for a while then went up “a creek” to try some cleaner water.

He said they limited out Saturday and Sunday.

Crappie are tasty, so get out and catch a few. Cook’em up and call me if you need help eating’em!


We have a Puddle Jumper tournament coming up this Saturday, April 19. We have am 8 a.m. launch with a 2 p.m. weigh-in. All the Puddle Jumper events are six hours.

The Puddle Jumpers is a one-man format. That means one angler makes all the decisions, good or bad! Nobody to blame but yourself. Likewise, if you have a good day, you take all the credit!

One man, 12 foot or less boat, three bass limit and three outfits. Electric or muscle power only! You have to have a livewell, or cooler, and it has to be repeated. Simplest setup is a cooler with a “bubbler.” Just check often cause you can’t cull a dead fish. And a three bass limit means just that, three bass, dead or alive. Not only can you weigh only three bass, you can only have three bass in your boat at any time, alive or dead!

Last time we only had three boats and I had to leave almost as soon as I got there. Course the weather was crappy and UK had a game.

Like I promised, I’m alternating Saturdays and Sundays for tournaments and this one’s on Saturday.

Come out and fish with us, it’ll be fun!


Our next Mid-KY Bass Angler tournament is scheduled for Sunday, April 29, at Springfield Reservoir.

We launch at 7 a.m. with a 1 p.m. weigh-in.


Guess that’s it for now. Get out, enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, stay safe and I’ll see ya next week!