Taking a leap of faith

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By Matt Overing
Summer intern

I have always looked up to my brother, but don’t tell him that.
Four years ago, he was getting hitched. He, at 21, had a full-time job, a fiancé and a dog. He knew what he wanted to do with his life.
I graduated from Boyle County High School in 2010, and had no idea what I wanted to be or do with myself. I chose the University of Kentucky and selected political science as my major. It felt like an easy option, but I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted.
I had to take a leap of faith.
My first leap came over two years ago as a sophomore. I changed my major from political science to journalism, choosing a career path that all but guaranteed a low income and grueling work.
But, like my brother, I had finally found work that was enjoyable. I started writing about UK basketball for Bleacher Report, a sports website. That’s where my writing kicked off.
I took another leap of faith last fall. At the time, I was writing online and working at Whole Foods Market, all while taking a full course load at UK.
I was presented the UK football beat writer position for the Kentucky Kernel, UK’s student newspaper. It was a spot that was more prestigious as a writer, but I’d have to quit working at Whole Foods Market if I expected to get the job.
I left financial security and consistent work hours behind for a student newspaper. It was another leap.
Working at the Kernel taught me just some of the trials of being a writer, but I wasn’t scared off. I continued to write and improve, and this fall, I will be the sports editor at the Kernel.
This summer, I want to continue to improve as a writer. I will be a Kentucky Press Association intern at The Lebanon Enterprise, and I want to serve the community and hone my craft.
I’m happy to say today that I have an idea of where I want to take my life. I have been blessed with strong guidance from my parents and my advisor at UK, and I’m ready to soak in guidance from the staff at the Enterprise.
My brother has always been a model of consistency for me to strive for, whether I’ve liked that or not. Today, I’m where he was four years ago. I have a beautiful fiancé, two wonderful dogs and an idea of where my path may lead. I’m ready for another leap.