Tech center students build and sell home

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This is the house that Jack built...
And Clayton, Ben, Nick, John, Cody, Conner, Ryan, Christian and a dozen more students from the Marion County Area Technology Center.
Less than a year ago, the Marion County Jobs Training Consortium set their sights on designing a program that partnered with the Marion County Area Technology Center students to build a house.   
The house sold in July, and the buyer will complete the 1,200 square feet, single family home located on Beechwood Drive in Lebanon. Students from the tech center built and framed the home. The mission was accomplished. Skills were obtained and experience earned.
As young people begin to enter the workforce, it’s important to develop opportunities like this. Building this house gave the students the “hands on” exposure needed to learn and hopefully put stepping stones in place to continue their technical careers.  
Many community partners blended together to make this project successful. They include the City of Lebanon, Loretto Lumber, Inter-County Energy, Marion County Board of Education, Marion County Area Technology Center, Marion County Jobs Training Consortium and Marion County Office of Economic Development.  
As the 2011-12 school year begins, so will the construction of the second project house. The junior and senior students enrolled in the house construction course at the Marion County Area Technology Center will soon begin their onsite, hands-on practicum.