TG Kentucky to plant 35,000 trees

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By Stevie Lowery

If you’ve driven past TG Kentucky in Lebanon lately, it looks as if the company is building a moat.
But, they’re not.
They are actually prepping the land surrounding the factory for an afforestation project, scheduled to be completed in March of 2014.
Afforestation is a fancy word for planting a bunch of trees… 35,000, in fact.
According to a press release from TG Kentucky, on March 23, 2014, the company will plant 35,000 trees on the land surrounding its facility.
“As a part of our Toyoda Gosei company foundation, we strive to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible,” the press release states. “Afforestation has many co-benefits for the community and local wildlife. With the nurturing of the 35,000 trees, we can expand wildlife habitats, protect biodiversity and improve environmental quality.”
The project will be supported by Professor Akira Miyawaki, who is a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology, specializing in seed and study of forests. He has created natural forests all over the world and has also received numerous awards.
TG Kentucky, established in Lebanon in 1999, has 1,100 team members.