Thanks to volunteers, Chanler is healing

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By Sarah Gribbins
Marion County Animal Shelter

Happy Thanksgiving to all from the Marion County Animal Shelter. We have had a busy couple of weeks, winterizing.
I guess my first order of business is to update everyone on our Boxer, Chanler’s progress. He is doing wonderful. He has gained a lot of much needed weight!
We want to thank everyone who sent in a donation or just came by to see our little fighter. A big thanks goes out to All Paws and Dr. Cook for his vetting needs! The shelter could not have saved him without your kindness!
Chanler is just one of many sad cases we see each day. Before I came to work here, I lived with the impression that those horrible ASPCA commercials were something from only big cities.
I have been here almost a year and found out quickly it happens in Marion County a lot!
We have picked up so many dogs that are so afraid of a gentle touch, or a warm bed. I find myself constantly asking why people treat animals the way they do. If you can’t afford to take care of your dog, bring them here! We take great care of them.
I get really frustrated when someone asks, “Well you will put them to sleep?” In some cases that is true but at least they will not starve on a lonely road or die without the feeling of a gentle rub!
I hope my articles are helping people see that we care!
As the holidays approach and everyone gets into the spirit, a dog or cat can be a wonderful gift. But do remember that an animal is a gift that you can’t just throw in a toy box and play with it every once in a while. Animals need constant care and love!
They also need to be seen by a vet. So please consider all the pros and cons and it should be a family decision.
In closing, I leave you with a great little saying I use a lot. “If your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t either!”  They do have great instincts.
And a little shout out to my Grandma Bobby, she may have been the only person I impressed with my last article, but that is just fine! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the turkey.
Please, spay and neuter your pets!