Thanks to the volunteers, seniors return to the fair

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After a “no show” last year, the fair returned this year under the direction of some young women who volunteered their services to do so. A large attendance of seniors enjoyed the program provided for us by both Terry Mattingly, regional director of marketing and Patricia Thompson, RN home health liaison with Community Home Health, Sarah Holt, program director at the Village, and Marsha Murphy with Pat’s Pharmacy and Equipment. Thanks to all for caring about the senior program.
The summer intern at The Lebanon Enterprise shared a half page of some seniors and excitement that was presented for us. The music was great. That was the first time the young men had all played together and they sounded as though they perform every day. Thanks, Ray Mattingly, for putting it together. Making the music was Bobby Miles, Irvin Mattingly, Tommy Robey, Danny Cecil, Mike Brown, and Ray.
The dress up and picture taking was a hoot for some and as always Bingo was a big hit. Thanks again to the Cattlemen’s for our delicious hamburger and trimmings along with our desserts from those that entered the sweet contest.
The Summer Reading Program through the Marion County Public Library at the Loretto Senior Center has been a huge success this year according to staff I was talking with last week. They have been very pleased with the amount of interest and support there has been from the community. We are talking bigger and better for next year. For one thing, we are going to try to implement a lunch into the program for those that attend.
Anyone interested in signing up for Red Hats are welcome to give me a call at 270-699-9898. We have established and registered ourselves as the “Glitsy Grannies”.
We are going on our first outing on Thursday, July 31, leaving at 9 a.m. to take a tour of Camp Horsin’ Around in Perryville. Then on to Danville for lunch at Cheddars and follow our eating with some GW Boutique shopping. We will be glitzed with our finest of red, purple, and bling.
We had a quarterly business meeting at the Loretto Senior Center on Monday night. As I am writing this on Sunday night, I have no idea how or what the outcome may be. Whether there are five or 55 at the meeting, I want to clarify here what the purpose of the meeting was.
We know a senior is 50+, we know most 50+ are still working, we know there are some 50+ that would like to be involved in community affairs, and we know there  are some 50+ that like to eat.
So that is why we decided to have our quarterly business meetings on a week night and have the meeting a potluck so to maybe give some a chance to be involved with the center. Therefore, if you are 50+ and did not make it this time our next meeting will be Monday, Oct. 13 at 6 p.m.
The Loretto Senior Center is waiting to be busting at the seams for you to come and help brainstorm with programs and ideas for all ages in our community. Togetherness works wonders.
Thirty-six of us had a great time in the Cape Cod area a couple of weeks ago. Great timing for weather as two days after we got home the area had those terrible storms. Our first stop on the trip was the Hershey Chocolate World. It was unreal the amount of chocolate that got back on the bus with us. My favorite is the dark chocolate Hershey nuggets with almonds. It is cheaper to buy locally than from there but who could come out of there with no chocolate? I got my share of nuggets.
We visited St Francis Xavier Church in Hyannis where JFK attended Mass on most Sundays. They keep a flag sweep for his place in the second row on the right side of the church as you enter. It was a very intimate feeling sitting next to that flag.
I was not as surprised with the Plymouth Rock as several had said, “you’ll be surprised when you see only how big it really is”. Well, I was surprised because I thought it would be smaller. No matter the size of the rock, I was intrigued with the history of what it is about and why it is small now. We saw lots of cranberry marshes and the Mayflower replica. It was a great trip with several other very educational points of interest.
I have several expressed interest in going to New Orleans so when I get this trip closed out I will be starting on a trip to New Orleans for spring of 2015.
I did not have an ending to my column last month l was told by someone (one guess). He said it was a good write up but I just cut it off. When I read the paper a couple of days later I agreed, “I did just cut it off”.
Therefore, I want to hope and pray all are enjoying their summer, staying cool, and you do know some are already counting down days until Christmas. Think about it, does it not seem as though we have just skipped through six and one half months?