Third time is a charm?

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By Jessica Veatch

Going into the girls Louisville Invitational Tournament (L.I.T.), I didn't know exactly what to expect this year. Last year at this time, Josh and I traveled to Bellarmine University to watch the 2011 L.I.T., where the Marion County Lady Knights lost to Mercy Academy in a one point heartbreaker in their first action of the tournament on a Friday afternoon.
So we packed up last Friday afternoon, and headed to Bellarmine University in Louisville for the Friday night game against Christian Academy. This year we took our daughter Karli along with us. She loves to cheer for the Lady Knights and even has her own flip that she thinks she does like a cheerleader.
The Lady Knights played a good game, defeating Christian Academy by 15 points to move them one step closer to the final game.  
However, their next opponent on Saturday morning was Mercy Academy, the same team that knocked Marion County out of the state tournament in 2010, and out of the Louisville Invitational Tournament last year. Although the first half was really close, with the Lady Knights only being up by two points at the break, Marion County was able to pull away in the third and fourth quarters to pull out a 12-point win. So we didn't have to worry about a heartbreaking basket at the end of the game like in 2011.
The win over Mercy put the Marion County Lady Knights in the L.I.T. finals, where they faced their co-No. 1 team in DuPont Manual. Having faced them just a couple of weeks ago in the Autism Awareness Classic, picking up only a two-point win at home in the Roby Dome, everyone in attendance knew that this was going to be a tough game. Marion County had a nice crowd for the championship game, but nothing like that of the crowd at the Autism Awareness Classic.
With the game tied up at halftime, I had in my head that this game was going to the wire, just like the one at Marion County High School. But, by the end of the third quarter, Manual held a nine-point advantage over the Lady Knights and ended up winning the game by seven points to grab the L.I.T. title for 2012.  Rightfully so, I could see the disappointment on the faces of the Lady Knights following the game. I know they wanted the title, but beating two Louisville teams on the road in two days isn't too shabby, and neither is coming in runner-up in the girls Louisville Invitational Tournament.
Just like the girls, the fans were disappointed, too. We all want to see the Lady Knights win their games, especially against Manual. But just to let you know, we could still see that happen again this season. If Marion County can make it to the state tournament and if Manual can make it to the state tournament, they could meet. It wouldn't be in the first round or even in the semifinals like last season. If these two teams were to meet again, it would be in the championship game of the state tournament at Diddle Arena. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but wouldn't that be a great title game? And don't they say that the third time is a charm?
On another note, the Super Bowl XLVI is next Sunday, so I wanted to throw in my prediction of who I think will take home the championship in NFL football. The New England Patriots will be playing the New York Giants, which is a rematch from Super Bowl XLII. In that instance, the New York Giants picked up the win, ruining the Patriots' undefeated season. I think this year will be a repeat of that. Watch out for Eli Manning and a couple of his wide receivers, as I believe they will put it on the New England Patriots' defense.
So there you have it, a recap of the L.I.T. tournament, a thought about the state tournament in March, and a Super Bowl prediction. I just hope my thought and prediction come true.