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Stevie Lowery
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The Lebanon City Council voted March 7 to eliminate the city's restaurant tax, which would kill the local tourism commission. 

But, it's not a done deal yet.

The council must approve two readings of an amendment to its tourism ordinance and that amendment must be published officially before the tax would end.

The Lebanon City Council will meet again Monday, April 11.

Do you think the Lebanon City Council should eliminate the city's restaurant tax? Why or why not?

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Whatever the decision that

Whatever the decision that would come out, I hope it would be for the betterment of the tourism industry. I do support every actions that was done by the tourism commission of the place.

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If the tourism commission was

If the tourism commission was so useless to Marrett then why did he come to them asking 20,000 for a barbecue festival, which he received 12,000 for and 10,000 for snowflake lights which he received. Kenny just couldn't control the commission the way he wanted and decided the only course of action was to do away with it because he knew he could never get Chris fired because he had no legal grounds. It's this type of good ole boy system and backwards thinking that will keep Lebanon behind most other cities. If you look at the numbers the restaurant tax numbers were growing in years when everyone else was in recession. Actually only 20-25% of the budget was spent on employee salaries making them apply for additional monetary assistance in a form of cash advance loans. The state average is 40%. You can't change the minds of people who don't want to be changed though. It wouldn't have mattered what Chris did Kenny was a bulldog who wouldn't let go. It's just a shame that the city will suffer because of the actions of one person who had a personal agenda.

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Once the tax is off I think

Once the tax is off I think the area will become more attractive touristically because it's becoming more affordable. It's unfair for the locals to pay this tax just because it's a touristic area and unfortunately this is not the only place with this kind of policies. I am so glad they don't have a tax like this at the Washington PA hotels, they're really making things easy for the tourists and on a long shot this policy alone is bringing greater revenues for the businesses in the are. Nobody needs this tax.

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Tourism Tax

In my opinion, the tourism tax was a good thing for the restaurants, but not so great if you are living in the county and have to pay extra to bring tourism into the county, just for going out to eat. When you have a family and have to pay regular bills and buy the essentials for your family, especially if you have children going to school, that little bit extra soon adds up. So the citizens of our fair Marion county can't even afford to take their families out to eat for a special treat, without it costing an arm and a leg. I think the solution is logical, issue the citizens a card stating they are citizens-something that would cover the entire family-so that they would be excluded from paying the tourist tax. This way the tourist pay the tourist tax, and it doesnt do any harm to the wallets of marion county citizens.If this is done, then maybe more Marion Countians can enjoy more of this fair county that we live in.

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I read from an article about the tax information from the city of Lebanon stating that all Lebanon residents must file a tax return annually whether or not taxes are owed. All businesses within the city limits must file a return, whether or not a profit was made. All nonresident businesses and individuals who have sales, work done, services performed or rental property within the city limits must file a return, whether or not a profit was made. There is no minimum age requirement for filing on earned income. Well, I guess this has been a great issue that debated on the entire city and residents might run on their payday loan to fix their tax problems.

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Tourism Tax

I read the 1 month snapshot of the tourism office's activities (posted on 3/21/11 on lebanonenterprise.com). It seems like the economic benefit to business owners and the city has overshadowed any perceived negative impact of a tax - which, by the way, is very minimal and comparable to other communities' tourism tax.

In the short time this tax has been in effect, it has funded a tourism office and a plethora of activities, the likes that have never been seen in this community.

During the office's short time in existence, events have been promoted and are growing, festivals are in the works and concerts are taking place. At the same time, arrangements for even more tours, concerts, festivals and other activities are continually being made. The community is increasingly enjoying a position of more prominence on Kentucky's tourism map.

Because of the activities of this tax-funded tourism office, there are business owners out there who have enjoyed increased sales. Restaurants, hotels and retailers are all beneficiaries of a minimal tax that CUSTOMERS, not business owners, pay. (Maybe a good question for another forum topic would be, "Why aren't business owners coming out in support of this tax?")

At a minimum, the result of the tax seems to have been favorable for the community. I'm sure most would say that tourism is on a positive trojectory. Given the list of prospective events planned for the future, why are we considering cutting of our nose to spite our face?