Treasured seat

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Challenger hopes to replace incumbent treasurer as the Democratic nominee

By Stephen Lega

Kentucky Democrats have two choices in the primary election for state treasurer.

Incumbent Todd Hollenbach is seeking re-election, but he is facing a challenge from someone familiar to Marion County residents, Steve Hamrick.

The Enterprise contacted both candidates, but as of press time, only Hamrick (a former Marion County economic development director) had responded to the candidate questionnaire. Hamrick's complete questionnaire will also appear online at www.lebanonenterprise.com.

If Hollenbach sends his responses after deadline, they will be added to the website.

Steve Hamrick

Hamrick, 60, has worked in a variety of administrative positions, including two years as the Marion County economic development director. He is a graduate of Murray State University, and he has received graduate degrees from Wichita State University and Murray State.

"Having worked in government and the private sector gives me the opportunity to apply business plans to the job," Hamrick wrote.

He added that the treasurer must be transparent, accountable and efficient. He also stressed working with other government leaders.

"I would reach out to the administration and the House and Senate to assist them with the flow of funds to and from the branches of government," Hamrick wrote.

He continued to write that he would hold complete staff meetings with both merit and non-merit employees. (Merit employees gain "merit" after completing a probationary period, after which time they merit status, which gives them additional rights and privileges.) Hamrick wrote that he would like to hire more merit employees to help with the Enhanced Management Administrative Reporting System and the Kentucky Retirement System.

He also wrote that he is the only rural candidate in the race, and he hopes voters will give him a chance.

"Because of where I am from, my experience, and my belief that I can do the job much better that the current treasurer," he wrote.