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By Don White

Guest Columnist


The following questions and answers were put together by Don White. How well do you know University of Kentucky basketball?



(1) What was Rick Pitino's record in overtime games as coach of Kentucky?

(2) Who was the first UK player to wear number 77?

(3) Where did UK play home games prior to the building of Memorial Coliseum?

(4) Who was the only UK player from McCreary County?

(5) What former UK star once coached the Russell County Lakers?

(6) Who was the SEC head coach who once was the head man at Pine Knot High?

(7) What was the nickname of the late UK equipment manager Bill Keightley

when he played high school ball?

(8) What player did former UK assistant coach Bob Chambers bring with him to


(9) How many head coaches did UK have in the program's first 28 years?

(10) What UK player shut down Bob Cousey of Holy Cross in the NCAA


(11) Name the outstanding UK player who hailed from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

(12) What UK guard was a native of Four Mile, Kentucky?

(13) Who was UK playing when Chuck Hayes suffered a broken nose?

(14) What UK All-American has never had his jersey hung from the rafters at

Rupp Arena?

(15) Who once scored 64 points against UK in a single game?

(16) What team did UK beat on Feb. 18, 1903 for their first win?

(17) Who was UK's first coach?

(18) Who was UK's first All-American?

(19) Who was UK's most successful coach in first 28 years?

(20) What was the first year UK played Louisville?



(1) Pitino managed just one victory in eight overtime games.

(2) Wallace Wah Wah Jones of Harlan.

(3) Alumi Gym, located just west of Memorial Coliseum on the Avenue of


(4) Tim Stephens.

(5) Allen Fieldhaus.

(6) Sonny Smith of Auburn coached the Dragons in the mid 1960s.

(7) Jeep

(8) Derek Hord of Tennessee.

(9) 13. George Burchheit went 44-27 from 1920-24.

(10) Kenny Rollins of the Fab Five.

(11) Charles "Cotton" Nash.

(12) Larry Purciful.

(13) Tennessee

(14) Paul McBrayer of Lawrenceburg. He was an assistant to Rupp before

leaving the post to serve his country. Upon his return, Rupp had given his

job to Harry Lancaster, and McBrayer went on to be the highly successful

coach at Eastern Kentucky.

(15) Pistol Pete Maravich.

(16) Lexington YMCA.

(17) Edwin Sweetland

(18) Basil Hayden?1920-21.

(19) Ray Ecklund (15-3).

(20) 1913. UK won 34-10.


Editor's note: Don White is the former editor of The Anderson News.