Two Lebanon residents ordered to turn over animals

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Charged with cruelty to animals

By Stephen Lega

Nathan S. Roller, 44, and Don Lewis, 38, of 456 Elm Street in Lebanon were ordered to turn over a one and a half-year-old male coonhound mix and a nine or 10-month old female shih-tzu to the Marion County Animal Shelter last week.

Marion District Judge Amy Anderson issued the orders Jan. 23. Roller and Lewis were each ordered to pay $646.58 restitution and a $32.33 restitution fee. They also have been prohibited from owning other animals.

Roller and Lewis were arrested Dec. 23, 2012, after a complaint was filed by Sarah Gribbins of the Marion County Animal Shelter. According to the affidavit, Roller and Lewis “failed to properly provide food, drink, space, health and care” for the dogs.

They were arrested for second-degree cruelty to animals and for failing to vaccinate the dogs against rabies.

Judge Anderson has postponed a sentence in the case. At the request of the county attorney, the charges will be dismissed in 12 months if they commit no further violations of the law.

Before that decision was issued, Roller was arrested on a charge of violating a city ordinance related to animals. According to the arrest report, on Jan. 11, Roller was found to have 89 rabbits in 40 cages outside on his property, which is within city limits.

According to Lebanon city ordinances, keeping domesticated rabbits, more than one unaltered rabbit, or domesticated rabbits for sale or consumption is prohibited within city limits.

The arrest report noted that he had been warned several times to get rid of the animals. The report reads that Roller said he got rid of 35 rabbits on Jan. 10. Rabbit feces was in piles under the cages, according to the report