University honors 67 scholars

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By Joan C. McKinney
CU news and publications coordinator
Sixty-seven high school scholars from central Kentucky were praised at Campbellsville University at a dinner in their honor recently at 2010 Central Kentucky Scholar’s Day.
Dave Walters, vice president for admissions and student services, said the Scholar’s Day meant CU “recruited the brightest and the best” in preparing for the event. “That’s what makes CU what she is today.” He said in six months the students will make a decision on their college choice, and, “We are praying for you as you make this tough decision.”
“Keep up the hard work. It does pay off,” he said.
One of the “brightest and the best” students CU has graduated spoke to the students. A 2006 alumnus, Kwaku Osebreh from Ghana, West Africa, is a decision support analyst at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington.
Osebreh received his job while he was still a student four years ago. As a student, Osebreh was the first, and only, student to ever have addressed a CU graduation class. He was Mr. Campbellsville University, received the Baptist Servant Leadership Award and was an Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award, among other awards.
“Campbellsville University is a great place to learn,” he said. He told the parents, “Your children are smart; we can make them smarter.” He told stories of two professors Dr. Robert Street, professor of computer information systems, and Dr. Robert Doty, retired professor of English, both who are recognized as “hard teachers” and who helped Osebreh learn and to come with an open mind.
“You are smart,” he told the students, “but we can make you smarter.”
“The possibilities are endless for you,” he said. He told of serving in Phi Beta Lambda, a business society, and of helping the Galilean Home in Liberty, Ky. “Serving helped me look outside myself,” he said.
“One of the great things about CU is our people,” he said. He said an educated man is not dependant on multiple degrees, but is one who is understood and can be understood.
“The heart of an organization is its people,” Osebreh said, “and we don’t work alone in this world.” He urged the students to participate in organizations, talk to their professors, and find mentors.
He said Campbellsville University is a great place to develop your faith. He said he always loves when Walters prays and, at the end, says, “and everyone said ‘amen.’”
“Come here, and we’ll help you develop your faith,” he said.
He urged the students to have fun at college and to be thankful to their parents and those who have helped them along their journey in life.
“To know the road ahead, ask those returning,” he said. “Respect those old men who have gone before us. They have a lot to teach us, if we listen.”
Kristin Sexton, coordinator of undergraduate admissions, told the students that she was proud of them. “You have a lot of opportunities,” she said.
She pointed out many positive attributes about CU including small class sizes, the involvement of the faculty in students’ lives and the strong Christian values at CU.
“Every decision and choice at CU involves honoring the Lord and students,” she said. “We don’t force religion on you, but the spirit of the Lord is well received here.”
She urged the students and parents to investigate all financial aid and to file the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) by March 1. She said an estimated income can be used.
Sexton, who is from Campbellsville and is a 2007 graduate of Campbellsville University, stressed that filling out forms for aid such as the Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG) and College Access Program (CAP) must be filled out early to be eligible.
“Students apply for as many scholarships as you can,” she said. “We in the Office of Admissions are always willing to help you.”
The local students who were named 2010 Central Kentucky Scholars are: Lois Lanham and Olivia Thompson, both of Lebanon.
For more information about admission to Campbellsville University, contact the Office of Admissions at (270) 789-5220 or 1-800-264-6014 or admissions@campbellsville.edu.    
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