Upward basketball tips off

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By Josh Veatch

Sunday marked the beginning of the Upward Basketball season for this year.
All the games will be played at Lebanon Middle School, and will begin every Sunday at 2 p.m. The season plays out for the next nine Sundays, wrapping up with closing ceremonies March 6.
The director of the league is the pastor of Lebanon Christian church, Robbie Harmon.
“The main goal is that everyone gets to play, and that everyone learn the fundamentals of the game and have fun,” Harmon said.
The teams play two halves consisting of three six-minute periods in each game.  The Marion County Upward Bound program began in 2007 and has grown in each of its five years in existence. This year there are 12 teams in the league ranging from pre-kindergarten to second grade.
The teams are divided into two divisions with four teams being in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten division, and eight teams within the first and second grade division. There are also four groups of cheerleaders that will perform at the games.
 If you have any other questions about this league, contact Robbie Harmon at Lebanon Christian Church.
Also, you can follow the Upward League on facebook at www.facebook.com/lebanonchristian where a full schedule and rosters can be found.