Utility to begin 2011 pole inspection and treatment program in Marion

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Inter-County Energy is treating and inspecting poles around the Danville Highway area of Marion County. Utility poles located on all side-roads in the general area along Danville Highway will also be included in the inspection and treatment area.
Osmose Utility Services, a pole treatment and inspection company, will be working on behalf of Inter-County Energy and will require access to customer’s property in order to inspect and treat the utilities’ poles.
Osmose vehicles used in the inspection and treatment process will display Inter-County Energy signs on the door of the vehicle at all times. Osmose may also utilize off-road, all-terrain vehicles in order to access poles that are difficult to reach.
After completion of the Danville Highway area, Osmose will move to the St. Rose and Calvary Road areas.
Inter-County Energy’s pole treatment and inspection program is designed to prolong the life of the utilities’ poles resulting in future cost savings to the cooperative and its members.
Customers who have questions can contact Inter-County Energy at (270) 692-3761 or 1 (888) 266-7322.