Volunteering does have rewards

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A volunteer according to the dictionary is a person who offers to help or work without expecting payment or a reward of any sort.
I really have not contemplated when volunteer month is but after using Google for an answer I find it is April that has come and went for 2014.  
The volunteer place I am talking about is one of the most peaceful and serene places I have been to that is so close to home. It is back off the main road, up on top of a hill with the coolest breeze one can feel. It is a grand view of all around for miles for one to see.
It is Camp Horsin’ Around. This is not your typical camp. Non-profit groups with any sort of disabilities will benefit from the facility. Non-profit organizations are such as camping with groups of kids that have cancer, for the Autistic children, and church and civic groups.
It has a huge pavilion for picnics and a large cafeteria for eating in. Sleeping zones are five buildings that are all kid friendly painted. Each building will house 20 children with space for their parental chaperones. There is a large swimming pool that is handicapped accessible.  A big lake for fishing, a long swinging bridge across the creek, a weather shelter, and other projects playing into fruition.
The newly formed group of Red Hats, Glitzy Grannies, took their first outing to the camp for touring the facility. All were very impressed with all the uniqueness of the surroundings.
Two Autistic groups have already experienced the facilities at Camp Horsin’ Around. Barbara Ann Nalley was especially pleased and excited to know there is a safe and happy place for her grandson.
Bev Lee, the director at the camp, told Barbara Ann that her grandson’s favorite spot to mosey off to would be at the horse you see in the picture. It stands at the top of the entrance to greet those coming up the hill.
We told Bev that part of our Red Hat organization was to have fun but also to give back. Therefore, volunteering here is exactly what I have done with myself again.
The Glitzy Grannies are going to see Etta May, the “queen of southern sass” at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville for a dinner and comedy show on Thursday, Aug. 21.  Anyone wanting to dress in red and purple and don a red hat is welcomed to go with us.
The county extension office is going to start coming to the Loretto Senior Center once a month to provide a variety of program to adults. They will be coming on the second Monday of every month.
On Monday, Aug. 11, at 10 a.m., our first session is scheduled. Let us plan for a large attendance to show Juanita Herron and Lizzy Spalding from the county extension we are ready to learn while having some fun.
There will be a bunco on Thursday, Aug. 14 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. All are welcome to come and play. Prizes will be distributed from the take in cost of $6 at the door.
The Summer Reading Program through the Marion County Public Library at the Loretto Senior Center was a huge success. They were very pleased with the amount of interest and support there was from the community.  Hope to see all and more next year with some added enticements. Thanks to all who helped make this a success. Most of all to the staff at the library for doing the program.
The trip to New Orleans is in the making. Likely date right now is last of April. I have had several say that was a yucky place to go. “Why, I asked?  No, they did not go here or do that.”  A trip to New Orleans is not just touring in and around the Fifth Quarter and downtown.
Another place I volunteer at is the Marion County Heritage Center. I really like being there because of the different people you can meet. It is unreal how far some people have traveled. However, I guess they say that about us when the Kentucky Heartland Travellers are way up north or out west, or up in Alaska. Hours at the center are 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. if you would like to volunteer some time with travelers. Call Bonnie Luckett or the Heritage Center at 270-699-9455.
If you would like to be a Glitzy Granny or volunteer with myself and or others, pick up the phone or I do use texting sometime.
Well it is that time of year again when we watch out for school buses and the little ones going to school.
Till next time. Get out and volunteer. It does have rewards.