Volunteers needed for Warrior Dash

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With more than 5,000 people already signed up to participate in the state's inaugural Warrior Dash, event organizers are looking for volunteers to help make the event run more smoothly.

The event will take place on Saturday, June 23, at Popes Creek Ranch in Lebanon.

Who can help:

Individuals interested in helping the community or earning community service hours, sports and company teams, church or civic groups, and families are all invited to help make this event a success. The Warrior Dash is the world's largest running series, and it benefits the St. Jude Research Hospital, so volunteers will be working for a great cause.

Volunteers in groups, teams or for a specific organization will receive a monetary donation if requested, as well as their featured logo on the Warrior Dash event page. All volunteers will receive free breakfast, lunch and snacks, an event t-shirt, a VIP parking pass, and access to live music and the festival grounds.

Volunteer activities:

Here are some examples of what volunteers might find themselves doing during "The Craziest Frickin' Day of your Life!," according to Red Frog Events, the organizers for the Warrior Dash.

Gear check: Volunteers will be assisting with the collection and tracking of participant's belongings for the day while keeping the area organized.

Finish Line: Volunteers will be cheering participants on as they cross the finish line and handing out bananas, water, and the medals they worked so hard for.

Fire: Volunteers will maintain the Warrior Roast to ensure the fire is at an appropriate size, keep participants and spectators mindful of the area, and cheer on Warriors.

Water check: Volunteers will be handing out water to participants on the course as they stop by the various water stations.

Merchandise: Volunteers will be selling Warrior Dash merchandise to the participants and helping to keep the merchandise organized throughout the day.

Food: Volunteers will be serving food to participants in exchange for tickets.

Parking: Volunteers in this area will be taking money for parking and leading cars into the correct area to maximize the amount of space available for vehicles.

Volunteer tent: These volunteers will be helping the volunteer coordinator communicate with the different volunteer groups that are located along the course, as well as serving lunch to the other volunteers and doing miscellaneous tasks throughout the day.

Course: Volunteers will get to watch each Warrior dash and dart under, over and around each obstacle on the course. As the main point of contact on the course, these volunteers will be available to relay information on the course happenings.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital VIP Area: Volunteers will be assisting with the VIP area St. Jude provides to the "St. Jude Warriors," and they will help with any specific tasks needed.

Volunteers will receive a volunteer packet from the Warrior Dash coordinators upon signing up. Those interested in volunteering can contact Red Frog Events by email at Volunteers@RedFrogEvents.com. Please put Warrior Dash in Kentucky in the subject line.