Week full of mixed results

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By Nick Schrager

 It’s been an interesting week. Spring sports are winding down. We’ve had some bad weather, and things have been up and down. With that said, it seems like things have been a little more down than up. The bad weather forced a halt to some games but was kind enough to be good to those who participated in the Color in Motion 5K.

I started the week going to the University of Kentucky to cover Alex Spalding playing in the tennis state championship. Unfortunately, at 11:45 a.m. Thursday, when he was scheduled to play, he was nowhere to be found. 

I ran all over UK’s tennis complex for 30 minutes checking and rechecking each court. I listened for names being called over the PA system. Nothing. I didn’t see Spalding. I didn’t see his coach, Landon Williams. I didn’t even seeanyone wearing Marion County’s colors. Something was wrong and I knew it! 

Quickly, I went on the horn. I texted Williams, and went to the KHSAA scheduler and asked what was up. Apparently, at 6:23 that morning, KHSAA tweeted they were moving everyone in Spalding’s time slot to Eastern Kentucky University to play for reasons unknown – I can only assume because it was cold.

The horror! The anguish! I was so mad I was seeing spots and cursing like a sailor in my mind!

I nearly went home. I had to fight the urge to do so, especially because I saw people playing on the outdoor courts and there were a few courts not even being utilized.

Thankfully, Williams got back with me over the phone and gave me an address. Thankfully also, I had a GPS.

After hitting every red light on my journey between UK and EKU, I parked on the wrong side of campus and spent around 10 minutes wandering the streets looking for tennis courts. I eventually found the building where they were hosting the games thanks to some directions from a friendly bystander and stopping at the first school bus I saw.  

The planets must have been aligned just right, because he hadn’t played yet and I had time to go to Penn Station for a very late lunch. 

Unfortunately for Spalding, he narrowly lost in a tiebreaker to St. Francis’ Jamie Anderson, 7-5, 4-6, 13-11.

And while this was one heck of a sour day, I must state that not everything was bad this week. 

As I said, the weather was absolutely stellar for Color in Motion on May 17. Stephen Lega and yours truly took some outstanding photos of the event. You can see them on page B4 and online.

As a photographer, I got to dodge most of the colored cornmeal, but my shoes and the ankles of my pants could not escape the color’s wrath. I also could not escape everyone’s positive attitude. I have never had so many people want to have their picture taken!

This positive attitude left me pumped and wanting to do the run myself (I walked about half the course and drove the other half).

Who knows, maybe I’ll run it next year, and bring my camera along the way!