This week is National Farm Safety and Health Week

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The week of September 16-20 is National Farm Safety and Health Week. It’s harvest time across much of America. With more work to do on the farms there’s more risk too.
This year’s Farm Safety and Health Week, like all the observances, is a friendly reminder that farmers can take steps to keep themselves, their families and their communities safe. Safe practices on farms also lead to safer and healthier rural communities.
Kentucky Farm Bureau is urging motorists to slow down and watch for slow moving farm equipment during the harvest season. Motorists should keep a safe distance when following farm equipment, use caution when passing and be patient with farmers, who must survey road shoulder conditions before pulling over.
Farmers should make sure slow moving vehicle signs are visible, use flashing lights, keep to the right shoulder of the road, us turn signals and hand signals, letting motorists determine when it is safe for them to pass and pull over for traffic as soon as it is safe to do so.
People a lot of times think as if farming accidents happen to other people, not them personally. As human beings we often complete everyday tasks on the farm in routine. We catch ourselves getting distracted, preoccupied or even in a hurry for whatever the circumstance may be. These are times in which most accidents happen. Safety counts. Your community depends on it.
The Marion County Public Library along with the Marion County Farm Bureau invites the public to visit their farm safety and health display at the library and sign up for a door prize.