West Marion wins overall in girls' field day

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By The Staff

The fall 2009 Marion County Schools Elementary Field Day was held Oct. 1. The results are:

  Overall totals for the girls: 1st place: West Marion 2nd place: Lebanon Elementary 3rd place: Calvary Elementary 4th place: Glasscock Elementary   Decathalons: 1st: Te'Andra Adams, LES 2nd: Jordan Thomas, WMES 3rd: Taylor Simpson, GES 4th: Kendall Benningfield, CES   Cupstacking Relay: 1st: Carly Clark, Olivia Kelly, Sophia Clark, LES

2nd: Grace Farmer, Destiny Mattingly, Margarita Susataita, CES

3rd: Daisy Harris, Theresa Lyvers, Ashley Jarboe, WMES 4th: Jacqueline Ray, Brooke Davis, Paige Murphy, GES   8 year olds   75 yard dash: 1st: (tie) Samantha Mason, GES & Abby Scott, WMES 2nd: Carrington McKay, LES 3rd: Danni Keeling, CES   Flex Arm Hang: 1st: Ann Kate Hardin, LES 2nd: Shelby Mattingly, GES 3rd: Hannah McCubbins, WMES 4th: Mya Emmons, CES   Broad Jump: 1st: Hannah McCubbins, WMES 2nd: Carly Clark, LES 3rd: Te'Awnah Hayden, GES 4th: Brianna Morris, CES   50 yard dash: 1st: Cassidy Lodgson, WMES 2nd: Whitney Lewis, LES 3rd: Jessah Hughes, CES 4th: Samantha Mason, GES   Shuttle Run: 1st: Shelly Norris, WMES 2nd: Olivia Ford, CES 3rd: Carrington McKay, LES 4th: Hallie Hamilton, GES   220 Relay: 1st: Shelly Norris & Cassidy Logdson, WMES 2nd: Whitney Lewis & Gracie Edelen, LES 3rd: Mariella Curtis & Te'Awnah Hayden, GES 4th: Amber Hardin & Danni Keeling, CES   440: 1st: Laurel Brahm, LES 2nd: Marley Allender, WMES 3rd: Shelby Mattingly, GES 4th: Amber Williams, CES   Softball Throw: 1st: Elise Carpenter, WMES 2nd: Mariella Curtis, GES 3rd: Jessah Hughes, CES 4th: Haley Mattingly, LES   Jump Rope: 1st: Abby Scott, WMES 2nd: Hailey Rogers, LES 3rd: Chelsey Alford, CES 4th: Hallie Hamilton, GES   Tug of War: 1st: Taylor Brady, Savannah Johnson, Alexis Raikes, LES 2nd: Marti Tungate, Kali Green, Sarah Clark, GES

3rd: Elise Carpenter, Renee Hensley, Kaylee Mattingly, WMES

4th: McKenzie Edwards, Amber Hardin, Tiffany Clarkson, CES

  9 year olds: 75 yard dash: 1st: Aaliyah McTee, LES 2nd: Savanah Goode, WMES 3rd: Hope Rawlings, GES 4th: Kalei Cox, CES   Flex Arm Hang: 1st: Bethany Mattingly, WMES 2nd: Tori Van Dyke, CES 3rd: Gracie Edelen, LES 4th: Morgan Pittman, GES   Broad Jump:

1st: (tie) Hope Rawlings, GES & Alice Farmer, WMES & Chesla Johnson, LES

2nd: Paige Gaddie, CES   50 yard dash: 1st: Makenzie Lundy, WMES 2nd: Brooke Davis, GES 3rd: Santana Alvarez, CES 4th: Madison Johnson, LES   Shuttle Run: 1st: Chesla Johnson, LES

2nd: (tie) Morgan Pittman, GES & Hannah Shoemake, WMES

3rd: Riley Wayland, CES   220 Relay: 1st: Makenzie Lundy & Bethany Mattingly, WMES 2nd: T'Mya Gunn & Aaliyah McTee, LES 3rd: Jordan Hallmark & Natalie Newton, GES 4th: Audrey Hague & Riley Wayland, CES   440: 1st: Alexis Shoemaker, WMES 2nd: Katie Overstreet, LES 3rd: Danielle Campbell, GES 4th: Santana Alvarez, CES   Softball Throw: 1st: Abby Maupin, CES 2nd: Kiah Cox, LES 3rd: Anna Thomas, WMES 4th: Olivia Lee, GES   Jump Rope: 1st: Jerrica Mattingly, WMES 2nd: Asia Cowherd, LES 3rd: Darian Smothers, CES 4th: Taylor Jo Leake, GES   Tug of War: 1st: Jasia Bridgewater, Kelli Nally, Taylor Wood, LES 2nd: Autumn Smith, Mashayla Johnson, Caitlyn Bishop, WMES 3rd: Sarah Wagoner, Claire Higdon, Laney Hall, GES 4th: Alyssa Fontaine, Raegan Morgeson, Christy Bland, CES   10 year olds: 75 yard dash: 1st: Aly McGuire, LES 2nd: Katelyn Barnett, CES 3rd: Skyler McCarty, GES 4th: Alexis Thomas, WMES   Flex Arm Hang: 1st: Danielle Pelfrey, WMES 2nd: Tori Rawlings, LES 3rd: Caroline Reed, CES 4th: Jasmine Patterson, GES   Broad Jump: 1st: Alexis Thomas, WMES 2nd: Alyssa King, LES 3rd: Katelyn Barnett, CES 4th: Ariana Moffitt, GES   50 yard dash: 1st: Shaija Camp, LES 2nd:Kaylee Wheatley, WMES 3rd: Kristina Hahn, GES 4th: Jayda Dudgeon, CES     Shuttle Run: 1st: Faith Pittman, LES 2nd: Morgan Mattingly, WMES 3rd: Lindsi Robbins, CES 4th: Skyler McCarty, GES   220 Relay: 1st: Ambrasia Adams & Shaija Camp, LES 2nd: Emily Bartley & Morgan Mattingly, WMES 3rd: Kaitlyn Farmer & Kelsey Raikes, CES 4th: Paige Murphy & Kristina Hahn, GES   440:

1st: Alexis Edelen, WMES

2nd: Faith Pittman, LES 3rd: Kelsey Raikes, CES 4th: Hannah Brahm, GES   Softball Throw: 1st: Allison Maupin, WMES 2nd: Ambrasia Adams, LES 3rd: Caroline Reed, CES 4th: Lauren Walton, GES   Jump Rope: 1st: Allison Maupin, WMES 2nd: Aly McGuire, LES 3rd: Hannah Brahm, GES 4th: Maggie Blandford, CES   Tug of War: 1st: Breonia Johnson, Kate Cobb, Kelly Overstreet, LES

2nd: Whitney Gobel, Allison Sallee, McKenzie Corbett, WMES

3rd: Aaliyah Belle, Madison Caldwell, Kelsey Seals, GES

4th: Sarah Hamilton, Margarita Sustaita, Lindsi Robbins, CES